This Public Service Announcement Just Called Out All of the Perverts Riding the NYC Subway

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Brooklyn natives Brian Bonz and Mike Rizzo of the comedy duo Bobo Touch have a message for men who exhibit lewd behavior on the subway: don’t do it.

In their latest video, “Subway Creeps,” they call out all the perverts riding the subway in this hilarious New York City public service announcement.

The YouTube video highlights several types of New York City subway perverts: the guy who follows women and stares at their butts, the public masturbator and the subway groper.

While their latest release is a humorous song made to expose perverted men riding the subway, the message is very serious and they encourage victims to try to snap a photo of the suspected individual and to contact someone immediately.

The comedic duo is no stranger when it comes to making videos about subway behavior. In February they created "Let People Off Before You Get On" — a song that shows us proper etiquette on a crowded train. You can check their new video out below. 

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