Care to Sneak a Peek? Check out These Incredible Shots Behind the Scenes of NYC

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Do you love New York City?

Yeah, we know. We do too. We love its stunning fall trees, its skyscrapers screaming light into the night, and when the sun sets along NYC's cobblestone streets.

Is anyone capturing the beauty, the decadence, the splendor and the thrall of NYC with photography better than @behindthescenesnyc?

We're going to venture a no on that one.

@behindthescenesnyc is hitting the streets and the skies, the rivers, events, food tastings and museums in this city, and bringing us what's beautiful; what's shining about this city, in picture form. On Instagram.

Do you want these stunning images coming in hot to your cell phone every time you check your feed?

We thought you would. There's nothing like an immaculately shot photo of a food tasting, a sunset, or even an aerial shot of Central Park that can completely reinvigorate our love for this wild city.

So check out @behindthescenesnyc, and get ready for some great Instagram shots. We promise you won't regret it. Plus, you'll really feel behind the scenes. Which, everyone who's ever been behind the scenes knows, it's a phenomenal feeling.


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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]

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