All the Cool Kids Are Doin' It: Papaya King Will Soon Expand to Downtown Brooklyn, Too

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It seems the we're witnessing the beginnings of a great migration of iconic Manhattan eateries setting up shop over in Brooklyn. 

You may remember the news that Katz's Delicatessen will be operating a new location in the Dekalb Market next year.

While nobody's abandoning their flagship Manhattan locations just yet, Papaya King will now be opening a new spot right near the Dekalb Market in Downtown Brooklyn.

Beginning this December, Brooklyn native Papaya King owner Wayne Rosenbaum will open a new location on the corner of Nevins Street and Flatbush Avenue Extension. 

For now, the only way you can get Papaya in Brooklyn is from the food truck, and the main brick and mortar locations are on the East Village and the Upper West Side.  

The original location on 86th Street has been going strong since the 1930s. 

Known for being the original hot dog and fruit juice combination that's become ubiquitous with New York City hot dogs, for New Yorkers. Papaya King is very much so "our thing." We're not talking dirty water dogs and tourists.

papayaking Learning a thing or two about franks from The King @emeril? Accept no imitations. Been at it since '32. Nice.

The East Village spot opened in 2013 and has also been going strong ever since, attracting natives and tourists alike.

The menu at the new location will mirror that of the original restaurant uptown. Mainly due to size constraints, the additional items on the East Village location's menu will not be available at the Brooklyn spot. 

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