You Gotta Savor the Flavor: It's Restaurant Week in the Bronx and It's Insanely Delicious

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Hungry in the Bronx? Excellent. 

If your current situation is a rumbling stomach in the boogie down, starving in the birthplace of hip-hop, we've got to talk to you about what's going on from November 2nd through November 13th.

Savor the Bronx is what's happening, and it means you'll have ample opportunity to indulge in the deliciousness of some of the Bronx's most delicious restaurants.

Have you been saving your restaurant splurge for a special occasion? A rainy day? A birthday or engagement?

If that's the case, we're pretty sure your opportunity has struck. The fanciest, most diverse eateries in the Bronx will be killing it with deals until November 13th, so we're pretty sure your opportunity to celebrate just struck early.

Some restaurants will rock a lunch prix fixe menu, with lunches costing $16.41 (very chill indeed). Some restaurants will feature a dinner prix fixe menu, with dinner prices clocking in at $20.15.

Some restaurants will do you the favor of slicing 15% off a check over $20 for lunch and/or dinner. Then, some other restaurants have concocted their own 2015 restaurant week deals.  

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There are Mexican restaurants, Asian restaurants, Latin American restaurants, Italian restaurants, one single Indian restaurant, one single healthy alternative, and American restaurants.

We're truly hoping your favorite restaurant, or the one you've been waiting to try, is on the list. Check the full list of restaurants and their restaurant week deals here, then treat yourself. You deserve it.

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