Could you imagine traveling at 10 times the speed of sound? Would you even be able to hear yourself think?

There's a new supersonic concept scramjet, meaning it's not yet actually in airports and it's really, really fast. It's called "Skreemr," and no, it's not the newest roller coaster at Six Flags.

Designed by the appropriately surnamed inventor Charles Bombardier, Skreemr will have space for 75 passengers to scram their way around the world in record time.

The space aged design features a liquid oxygen-burning system, two rockets, and four wings that will blast passengers to mach 10, which, if you're not familiar with The Right Stuff, is ten times the speed of sound and five times faster than the world famous Concorde jet.


Not familiar with the speed of sound? Try to outrun NYC noise. Go ahead. We'll have Xzibit pimp you out a Skreemr if you can.

Scramjets work on wild technology that actually removes the need to carry fuel. Instead, onboard systems burn liquid oxygen extracted from the atmosphere as it moves through the plane's compartments-- without moving parts.

We know, it sounds like something from Star Wars, and thus it's seems a little far-fetched. But it's legit enough to be in military testing for now, and maybe, possibly, if the future is as cool as we hope it will be, commercially available for intercontinental express flights. 


via Science Alert/Charles Bombardier

The craziest part though? In order for Skreemr components to do their job correctly, it has to be traveling over twice the speed of sound, so the jet is launched off a magnetic rail gun system similar to the one NASA is considering for future shuttle launches.

So, truthfully, the technology may not be available for commercial use for a long time, if ever. Aerospace developers often patent designs that never even get built. 

But here's to hoping that soon enough, we all travel in magnetically launched supersonic four-winged jets that run on compressing atmospheric oxygen to the point of combustion, you know, instead of giant death tubes running on liquified dinosaurs, puh-lease.

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[via Science Alert]

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