You may remember the Astor Place Cube, artist Tony Rosenthal's big black cube installed in 1967 that's been spinning pretty much ever since. Well, it was removed last November as a protective measure while the area was largely under construction, and hasn't yet returned-- until Halloween.

One especially "nowstalgic" gentleman decided to dress up as the Cube and just spin around in circles where it used to be, for hours

Well, apparently everyone thought it was the best costume in the entire City of New York.

Eh, we don't know about best, but it was a great idea. "Best" is a strong word. Sure, the guy assimilated something we wouldn't have expected into a holiday not normally used for celebrating metropolitan public art, costume? That's saying a lot...

Now, it's not like we have a better alternative. We saw a lot of great costumes. But uh, relax guys, it's a dude in a box spinning where there used to be a box spinning with no dude inside it. Got it. Funny? Yes. The best costume? Couldn't be. 


The image was posted on Imgur, but surfaced to our attention on Reddit, where it now resides at third most popular post, for now. 

The Imgur comments drastically outweigh the Reddit ones in terms of hilarity.

There's goofballs commenting "D*ck in a Box," and "Ann Arbor, MI represent!" The first comment is a reference to Justin Timberlake's now famous Saturday Night Live sketch with Andy Samberg.

pinojoeee He wins Halloween 🎃 #eastvillage #alamo #astorplacecube

The second one refers to a similar cube installation in Michigan, but commenters were quick to shoot down everyone that even said the word "Michigan," as in "LOL. No this is Astor Place. But you get a C for effort."

But really what everyone wants to know is when that gosh dang cube is going to return so we can all jump on it drunk and spin our friends around until they fall off, i.e. what it's there for.

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[via Imgur]

[Feature Image Courtesy Curbed NY]

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