Girls Just Want to Have Fun... With Other Girls: 5 Date Spots Perfect for Lesbians in NYC

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So you're here, you're queer, and you want to hit the town. 

We've got to tell you, being a lesbian in New York City is probably the best city in the country in which to be a lesbian. We've got the most lesbian bars of anywhere in the country. We've also got lesbian sports leagues, and lesbian MeetUp groups.

Sadly, the number of strictly lesbian bars in the city has hit an all-time low, but the reasons for this decline might not be all terrible. 

Whereas lesbian bars were once the only place we could be open and comfortable with our sexuality, now we can hold hands and kiss each other on the street without attracting any stares at all, really. 

Plus, it used to be that the only way lesbians could meet other lesbians was in gay bars. Today, we've got Tinder and OKCupid and plenty of other dating apps that allow us to interact with each other from our beds.

Still, we all know that the endless parade of straight bars gets tedious, and constantly swiping on Tinder with no results gets depressing. We want to meet each other in real time, clank glasses, and maybe make out.

So, find out where in NYC to hit the town below. We sincerely hope this helps you meet other girls who like girls.

1. Cubbyhole (281 West 12th Street)

cubbyholebar Great shot ladies! Repost @jessica_m_p #oitnb #oitnbfans

This is easily the dopest bar in all of NYC for girls who like girls.

Whether you're looking to hit the town on a weekend or you're trying to get laid on a weeknight, we recommend Cubbyhole the highest of all for any of the above purposes.

Seriously, if you're trying to meet a lovely girl on a weeknight come to Margarita Tuesdays. From 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Tuesday evenings margaritas only cost $2, and they come in the regular, strawberry, and blood orange varieties.

So yeah, you'll get completely buzzed. Needless to say, lesbians flock to Cubbyhole on Tuesday evenings. It's probably the best night of the entire week for a girl to find another girl to kiss.

Still, that isn't all. They've got $3 Coors Lights and PBRs on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. They also brew their own draft beer, which is an exciting new development. They've also got $3 beers on Sunday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Cubbyhole is great. It's got a colorful decor and it's a lively, fun bar. There's a juke box, and lots of crazy party people. It's cash only so stop at the ATM on your way here.

2. Henrietta Hudson (438 Hudson Street)

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Sometimes Henrietta Hudson charges a $10 cover. We're not too stoked on the cover situation, so we'd recommend getting here before 9 p.m. on the weekends so you can avoid forking up any more money than you need to.

Still, Henrietta Hudson has a lovely, inviting, friendly atmosphere, and two fully stocked bars. They've got a happy hour from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. every day, a pool table, and a pretty rowdy dance floor on Saturday nights.

While this bar is gay-boy friendly, the best part about Henrietta Hudson is that it's predominantly for women. It's lesbian owned and operated, and they pledge that it always will be. 

It's completely normal for you to hit up Henrietta Hudson and leave knowing a whole new crew of people than you did before you got there. There's also no pressure at Henrietta Hudson to be anything other than exactly who you are.

3. Bum-Bum Bar (6314 Roosevelt Avenue - Queens)

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Fabulously, Bum-Bum Bar is predominantly filled with women. The environment is great. The music is bumping, and everyone is out to have a good time.

The drinks here aren't expensive, and the dance floor is just big enough for the crowd that storms it on the weekends.

It's a very simple, small bar that you'll have a better time at if you roll up with a crew. If you find yourself in Queens and you want to find girls who like girls, this is absolutely where you need to be. The only drawback is their $10 cover.