So Nice to Meet You... and You, and You! 7 Apps Perfect For Meeting New People in NYC

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We all know the feeling: we really want to connect, so we start swiping. Then, we get frustrated and put our phone away and find another activity. 

When our matches start rolling in an hour or so later, we're over it.

Well, Flutter solves that problem. It connects you in real time. It lets you look into another person's eyes for 15 seconds to see if there's chemistry. 

In other words, Flutter affords you instant connection. If it sounds intense, it's just because it is. Can you handle it?

There are four rules. One, no photos, no bios, no names until you match. When you see someone, they're seeing you too, which creates the magic of meeting in real life for the first time. There's also no sound, so you don't have to think of what to say.

Oh, and you're not allowed to take your clothes off. Ready? Get it here.

6. FriendsTonight

friendstonight 💪 We worked out all winter to get our new sexy summer body ☀️ ! Update to the new version of FriendsTonight today! 👫👫

So go get your friends, and they'll meet my friends, and we can be friends do this every weekend.

Puffy lyrics aside, that's exactly what FriendsTonight does. It takes your friend group and collides it with another friend group. Once again, party magic ensues.

Here's how it works. You like all the groups you want to meet, and then you can check out all the groups that want to meet up with your group. Once you start chatting, the rest is up to you.

It is urgent, however. You do have to act fast, because all of your matches and chats disappear at the end of the night. So be spontaneous, meet new pals, and have a blast. 

Get FriendsTonight here.

7. Wildcard

getwildcard Looking for feedback on our app at #toa15 ! Approach me/us :D DL at

Have a Twitter? Want to meet people involved in cool stuff? Then WildCard is perfect for you. It's a hot new way for entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers, investors, even hackers to connect.

When you're an an event, meet up, or networking conference, users request Decks. You can join a Deck around events and locations. Anyone can request a Deck, and then your Wildcard is thrown on top of their stack. 

Wildcard also throws you an icebreaker so you've got a quick and easy way to get the conversation started.

It lets you know what each person is up to professionally before you start chatting, so you can already figure out what you're about to connect about, and what you can help each other accomplish. 

All your Wildcards go into your pocket, and you'll start accumulating a quality list of people, where you met them, and how you can contact them. Everyone say, "Snag more professional contacts on three!" Grab Wildcard here.

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