Leave the Gun, But Always Take These... 9 Best Cannolis in NYC

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So, we're just going to come out and say it: people in this city have VERY strong opinions about their favorite cannolis. 

Many people swear by Caffe Palermo or Ferrara's, but New York City has so many other options that are worthy of the hype. 

We get it. When almost every Italian bakery and restaurant offers their own house-made version, New Yorkers have so many options to choose from. But some of them really fall flat. 

Don't you hate it when you bite into a beautiful cannoli only to find it soggy, half-empty, and way too sweet? We hear you, we've been there too. 

A good New York cannoli should have a crispy, crunchy exterior that holds a creamy filling that is the perfect balance of sweetness and tangy ricotta.

Whether or not you opt for crushed pistachios or chocolate shavings is up to you, but the cannoli is only as good as it's foundation, and no amount of nuts or candies can make up for a soggy shell. 

We've put together a list of NYC's best spots to some cannolis, in no particular order. 

1. Egidio Pastry Shop (622 East 187th Street - the Bronx)

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When most people hear Little Italy, they think the overpriced tourist traps near Chinatown. For true Italian New Yorkers, you head to the Bronx, just like Don Pasquale Egidio did when he left Mulberry Street in 1912.

Since 1912, Egidio's has been known as the spot for some of the most delicious cannolis New York City has to offer. Their filling is the perfect balance between sweet and tang. 

We recommend getting a plain one (or two) and a couple chocolate covered ones. You won't be disappointed. 

2. Madonia Brothers Bakery (2348 Arthur Ave - the Bronx)

mondo_lay ๐Ÿ˜‹

We've written about Madonia's before. We really love their cannolis. 

Unlike most other Italian bakeries, Madonia's doesn't pre-fill their cannoli shells, which means their fresh filled cannolis are crispier than others. 

While they offer mini cannolis, you need to get the big ones. Why tease yourself with just a couple bites when you can have oh so much more? Actually, just get a box. 

3. Joe's Sicilian Bakery (21216 48th Avenue - Queens)

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Some cannoli makers place all of their emphasis on the cream or the additions. Joe's Sicilian Bakery is not one of them. Their shell takes just as much priority as the balance of the cream. 

Their shells have a hint of cinnamon that complement the sweet, tangy filling. They're also freshly filled, so the shell will remain crunchy.

4. Gino's Pastry Shop (580 East 187th Street - the Bronx)

Wondering why most of these are coming from the Bronx? That's because the Bronx is the true Little Italy of NYC 

Gino's has some pretty amazing cakes and quality pastries, but their main claim to fame is their cannoli and cannoli-cream filled cakes. 

Grab a regular cannoli with some pistachios. You'll understand what a true Italian cannoli should taste like. 

5. Veniero's (342 East 11th Street)

elizabethhamby Leave the gun, take the cannoli

Sometimes there's a reason why bakeries founded over one hundred years ago are still successful in the modern day. Veniero's was founded over 120 years ago, and are still flourishing today. 

While you may end up standing in line with tourists and natives alike, you've all come for the same reason, a seriously delicious cannoli.