Weekend Plans Been Served: 'Breakin' Convention' Pops Off at Apollo Theater in Harlem

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Are you into Adidas track suits, fresh beats, and the "It's Like That" video from back in the day? Then you need to check out the Breakin' Convention at the Apollo Theater this weekend.

Going on October 16th through 18th, there's a series of events focused on the most under-appreciated, oft-forgotten pillar of hip hop today: break dancing.

Yes, it's true; breakin' helped spawn a whole bunch of styles and now they're all kind of conglomerated under the umbrella term "hip hop dance." 

But the Breakin' Convention is way more than just practicing your six step and air flares on a collapsed cardboard box in the alley. It's an international festival of hip hop dance theater. 

A Sadler's Wells London Project curated and hosted by Breakin' Convention and Jonzi D Projects Artistic Director Jonzi D, there are three days of events showcasing the talents of some of the top dancers from around the world.

We're talking global b-boy and b-girl hotspots like Holland, UK, France, and, of course, the USA. 


Jonzi D, in a recent TED Talk, said, "For the last 12 years, we've done like five UK tours and we've featured like 5,000 dancers from around the world and around the corner." 

There are more than just the three days of dance showcases. There's also a Master Class, Kid's Dance Cypher Lounge, and special breakin' features at the Amateur Night at the Apollo. 

Check out the video preview of the festival below, and you can grab tickets here.


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