#TheMoreYouKnow: Did You Know Sprint Will Bring 4G LTE Cellphone Service to 279 Subway Stations in NYC?

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One of the worst things about New York City is waiting for the subway with no smartphone reception. 

But it's 2015; we shouldn't have to directly communicate or interact with each other if we don't want to, especially in such a "I will wreck you if you invade my personal space anymore than you already are" City.

There is Wi-Fi and cell service in a bunch of stations around the City, especially the major ones like 59th Street, but now Sprint is bringing us 4G LTE service at 279 more subway stations. 279! 

Sprint already has 83 platforms wired up; more than Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. But almost 300 more is going to be absolute heaven. 

The new project will bring additional coverage to six million users traveling in and through NYC. 

Due to be completed in 2017, Sprint's new undertaking will bring 800MHz and 1.9GHz spectrum to most stations, and 2.5GHz spectrum to busier stations like those in Midtown and Queens.


We're projecting a steep rise in #waitingforthesubway duck-face selfies and greater smartphone video of subway performers who were previously cut off because they were essentially performing in a subterranean cave. 

handsgripping Kids they are just like us. American Magazines. #hands #nycsubway #mymta #nycpeople

We also wonder how much more the MTA's social media presence will jump off, with pretty regular 4G LTE service all up in it. Remember the East Coast/West Coast subway beef on Twitter? Yeah, maybe more of those. 

On top of all that, Sprint is expanding its Direct 2 You service, with which an actual human hand delivers your new Sprint phone and helps you set it up. The representative will even help you get acquainted with your new device. 


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