I Love You, Man: 8 Types of Guy Friends You Inevitably Have While Living in NYC

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When you’re a girl, and a millennial, and you live in New York City, you’re likely to notice a running trend among your guy friends. 

You’ll probably have several reoccurring archetypes among your male friends.

You’ll make out with one and wonder what’s up; you’ll want to make out with another but you won’t. One will buy you drinks and another will call you constantly with news of his latest heartbreak.

All of them contribute to your rockstar NYC life. You're bound to recognize at least a few, if not all of these. Read on to find out who is who.

1. The best friend/BFFL


This is the guy you text constantly, the one you call to ask for advice and to talk about your latest romantic exploit and because you’re bored and walking to the subway. You often wonder if you have feelings for this best friend, and whether he has feelings for you.

Can guys and girls really be best friends with no remnant of romance? But then, when the moment comes where one of you might kiss the other, neither of you do. Why not? Perhaps because he’s heard you fart and cleaned up your puke. 

Or maybe you were just always meant to be the kind of best friends who spend all day eating pizza, smoking weed, and watching 8 Mile rather than the kind of best friends who get it on.

Regardless, this friend is obviously an awesome one to have, and you’d gladly get in a fistfight with any girl who breaks his heart.

2. The drug dealer friend


Another awesome friend to have, your friendship with your drug dealer started off as most customer/dealer friendships generally do. In other words, you were hitting him up all the time to buy weed, and every time you went over his apartment he smoked you up. 

And you’d chat and play Playstation, and after a while, he became your buddy. It was that simple. 

And now, your eighths only cost $40, he’s the only one you ever text to go to Chipotle, and you party constantly. Whenever he walks into the party everyone cheers, because he usually brings rolled joints.

3. The one you hook up with


Your lips usually find their way to this guy’s lips whenever you’re drunk at the bar. Like, literally every time you’re drunk together you make out with him.

After you pound your fourth or fifth shot and the desire to kiss someone surges through you, you usually turn to spot him and say something coy, like, “Want to go outside and smoke a cigarette?” Or sometimes you just get right to it, and say, “Want to go outside and make out?”

Is there anything more between you two? Anything romantic? No, there isn’t, because every time he hits you up to hang out sober, you’re uninterested. Is it fun to have someone you can make out with whenever you want? Definitely.

He’s in your group of friends, so he’s usually at the spots you’re at. And you know him super well, so you know he’s not sketchy and that he doesn’t have any diseases. Do you bring him back to your apartment? Yes, fairly often.

4. Rich friend


Needless to say, this friend is a great friend to have. Not only is he rich, but he’s chivalrous. He pays for everyone’s cover to get into the bar, he pays for everyone’s coat check, and he buys the first round of drinks. You might by him one beer to say thank you for the fact that he just bought you nine.

This friend also plans fun group activities for your group of friends, because he’s used to having the economic flexibility for such activities. You might catch him saying stuff like, “Who wants to go to the Brooklyn Bazaar tonight? I just bought five tickets online.”

5. The emotional friend


Your emotional guy friend is very similar to a puppy. You’ve watched him go on date after date, and profess his love to girl after girl.

It’s typical for him to call you near tears about how he just witnessed a guy sleeping outside Penn Station, and every time you explain to him that NYC is full of homeless people, and if he got sad about every one of them, he’d have no sadness left to give. 

He gets way more excited about puppies than you do. You may have gotten in an argument or two with girls who broke his heart, and you love him to death. You feel pretty protective over your emotional guy friend, but you’d never date him yourself. You don’t have time for all those tears.

6. The super sweet friend


Sometimes you’re confused about your feelings for your super sweet guy friend. Like, how he fell asleep with you in your bed on Saturday night and then on Sunday morning he made you pancakes.

Or how he made fun of you because your tacos were too spicy, and then he paid for your chips and salsa. Or how he always compliments you and listens to you cry about the guy that didn’t call you back.

Should you date your super sweet guy friend? Well, yeah. Probably. But this won't work out. 

7. The gay friend 


Your gay guy friend is essential in your Rolodex of friendships in New York City. Who else will tell you how fabulous you look without you ever having to question his motives?

Who else will cry with you over

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The Notebook and laugh with you whenever someone’s mean to you on the subway? This is cliché but true: who else will gossip ruthlessly with you about who has a crush on who?

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