Oh, the Weather Outside Is... Weather: Apparently Winter Won't Completely Suck in NYC

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Hey New York City, remember how we had multiple snow days last winter, and the winter before that? Remember when the subways were shut down and even (gasp) Seamless wasn't running?

Well it turns out we may not have to deal with all of that nonsense this year. 

AccuWeather just released their 2015-16 U.S. Winter Forecast, and its headline basically tells us everything we need to know: "Northeast to Dodge Winter's Brutal Cold."

 It also states that rain and snow will dent California's drought, which is excellent news.

"This season is set to be milder overall," the report reads. Does that mean we'll be able to walk to work without trudging through frozen sludge this winter?

We're willing to say maybe, but AccuWeather Expert Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok would probably tell us not to celebrate yet.

"We just don't know exactly yet whether or not we're going to see the pattern turn cold and snowy. There is an opportunity that [the weather] could change on us as we get into February and early March," Pastelok said.

Still, the report states we'll have fewer days with subzero temperatures than last year, which is great because February of 2015 was the second-coldest February on record for both the region and for Pennsylvania, New York, and all six New England states individually.

We do acknowledge that this report is at direct odds with the one the Farmer's Almanac released in August calling for a wintry apocalypse. Maybe, however, the Farmer's Almanac didn't know about the El Niรฑo developing. It's supposed to be one of the strongest in the last 50 or 60 years.

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This El Niรฑo puts Florida on a higher risk for tornadoes, and a higher risk of flooding for the South. It'll also trap colder arctic air over Canada and leave NYC with milder winter temperatures but more rain.

We also want to point out that the Farmer's Almanac was pretty inaccurate when it came to predicting a hellish snowscape for the Superbowl at the Meadowlands back in 2014. Then again, it was only off by like 6 hours. 

If you love skiing, though, don't worry. AccuWeather says there's still supposed to be plenty of snow in New England and upstate New York.

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