Because Everyday's a National Food Holiday: Here's Where to Celebrate National Pierogi Day Tonight in NYC!

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We know what you're thinking. Another national food day?!? Yes. Another one. 

But this one is special. And held close to our hearts because it drives us right back to one of the last old-school, 24 hour food establishments left in this ever changing city: Veselka

We have covered this establishment before. Extensively. How and why? It's pretty simple:  

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Places we will miss like hell when they are goneBest drunk foodsThese articles all have one thing in common. VESELKA

So in one word, pierogis. That's right. Pierogis. 

And today being National Pierogi Day, head over to the East Village tonight to enjoy their one-day only deal: $5 for a full plate of goodness-- also known as pierogis-- in honor of the festivities. 

And no, that's not a typo. Five. Dollars. All. Day. Long. (And night.) 

We aren't sure when this amazingly delicious deal will end, but being that they are open twenty four hours a day... we are thinking, worse case scenario, midnight. Which means you have plenty of time. 

See you there, then, yeah? 


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