The Moment You Regret Your Life: 9 Most Embarrassing Moments You Send a Sober Text Vs. Drunk Text

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I think it’s pretty obvious that a sober person will say something different than a drunk person when they’re confronted with the same scenario.

Have you ever thought about it? What really is the difference? 

The difference is that drunk you is more loving and honest, and sober you is way chiller and relaxed.

Ever wanted to see the differences between drunk and sober texts side-by-side? 

Well, then read on to realize 9 most embarrassing moments you send a sober text versus if you were to send that same exact text drunk. 

1. After a date


Sober: “So, I had fun with you tonight.”

Drunk: “You are beautiful, and perfect, and I sort of wish you were in my bed.”

The eerie part about this one is that you might not even feel that way still in the morning. 

You were probably wasted and feeling extra amicable. But, if you really do feel that way, you just showed all your cards. Good luck getting yourself out of that one homie.

2. Explaining your location


Sober: “We’re at Bleecker Street in the back, with all the ping pong tables. Hope to see you soon!”

Drunk: “Bar. Drunk.”

Hey, drunk girl. 

There’s no way your friend is going to find you with those directions. So, you’re not going to see her tonight, and she’s probably going to be mad at you tomorrow. 

Sober you was so helpful though! Here's a question. Why were you at the Bleecker Street Bar if you weren't drinking, hm?

3. Telling someone how you feel


Sober: “You’re cool.”

Drunk: “I’m drunk n I luv you.”

Is it less embarrassing because you wrote “luv” instead of “love?” No, no it’s not. 

It’s more embarrassing because you look like you're either still in middle school or like you can't spell. And both are bad. 

In the morning, you’ll probably wish you threw your phone off the Brooklyn Bridge or swallowed it rather than send this text message.

4. When you want someone to come over

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 5.01.20 PM
[via are-we-havingxfun-yet/tumblr ]

Sober: “Want to come and hang out?”

Drunk: “Come over.”

Sober you did a great job thinking up an activity for you and your crush to do. Having an activity is always a vital move. 

It can be food. It can be a specific movie or television show. It can be alcohol but when you ask someone to come over and drink, it makes it pretty obvious what you want.

But if you text someone and say “Come over,” it’s pretty obvious you want to get it in. Drunk you doesn't mess around.

5. When you want to say hello


Sober: “Hey what’s up?”

Drunk: “Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

Everyone knows the more y’s you use, the more shots you’ve downed. 

Using that many y’s lets everyone know you’re wasted, so what you’re really saying when you use that many y’s is, “I want you to know I’m drunk so I have an excuse for whatever I’m about to say.”