Get a Clue: This Sherlock Holmes Adventure Is the Best Thing You Can Do This Halloween in NYC

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Imagine a combination of escape room-esque problem solving, smart-clues hiding in plain sight, and a murder mystery-- themed around Sherlock Holmes --set in a global crime scene.

The Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab's new "prototype," Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things Global Challenge is more than just a mouthful. 

 It's a superbly creative and futuristic experiment designed to connect "hacker/makers" and "storytellers" worldwide via the mysterious project.

Essentially, it's a collaborative effort to design "crime scenes" aka "beta tests" around "smart objects," which are normal, everyday objects modified to include some manner of sensor, software, or digital function so as to perform like a clue.

One example is a rotary phone that's been rigged to play audio clues. Another is a magnifying glass that's integrated smart phone technology to display hidden clues, but only through the magnifying glass' lens. 

The concept may be a little confusing to those without storytelling or design backgrounds, but the basic idea is that people from around the world are teaming up to tell a Sherlock Holmes story together through the use of "smart clues" described above, and set in "crime scenes" around the world.


New York City is the guinea pig for the first "crime scene," as it will be held at Lincoln Center during the New York Film Festival on September 26th through October 11th. 

Future "crime scenes" will take place across the world in cities including Paris, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Warsaw, Auckland, Sydney, Turin and more.

So check out the fully detailed, and as clear of an explanation as you're going to get, here.

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[via Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things]

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