Tri-staters have long been wanting (read: needing) either drastic repairs to the existing, or brand spankin' new Hudson River rail tunnels.

But, estimates for repairing the damages incurred during Hurricane Sandy are worrisome. Some say it could take up to a year of tunnel closings to fix all the problems. We don't have the time for that.

So this past Tuesday marked a step in the right direction when New Jersey and New York Governors Christie and Cuomo laid out tentative plans for a new Hudson River tunnel development: asking President Obama to cover half of the overall cost.

Though, there are some vague aspects to the proposal. For one, it's unclear exactly how the other 50% of the cost will be covered. Word is the Port Authority will foot some of the bill.

The Wall Street Journal reports, "The governors offered few specifics about how much each state or the Port Authority might contribute, but the letter left open the door for unspecified 'local funding sources,' low-interest federal loans and 'other funding strategies.”'


So, here comes a big development. Maybe. Probably. Hopefully?

It's unclear how it will be paid for, but with the prospect of federal funding, the proposal is sure to evoke some ire. Why exactly? Everything the Federal Government does evokes some ire, no matter what.

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But really, funding the Federal Government puts into anything comes from our taxes; so one potential conflict is some folks in other parts of the country disagreeing with their federal taxes being allotted to a bridge and tunnel project on perhaps the other side of the country.

It's not an irrational objection from one perspective, that is, if you'll likely never benefit from the project, why should you pay taxes into it? Perspectives abound and there's really no one great answer.

What do you think?

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