The Phenomenon Is Real: Quiet Clubbing Has Officially Become a Thing in NYC

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You walk into a room full of people dancing and having fun but you notice one eerie thing: the room is oddly quiet. 

Everywhere you look you see oversized headphones on top of the grooving revelers. You’re handed your own pair and the party begins.

The phenomenon is real and it’s known as quiet clubbing. It’s a growing trend in big cities where noise regulations and other restrictions have encouraged party people to get creative. 

In New York City, thousands of people head out to silent events each week, put on their headphones, and just dance.

The majority of these atypical parties feature two or three DJs playing different music simultaneously throughout the night, each assigned their own transmission frequency and a color that lights up on each set of headphones so people can keep track of who’s listening to which station.

shawnaellenryan This silent dance party aka "Quietclubbing" by @quietevents in #lic was kinda everything #Quietclubbing #dance #nyc #igdaily #instadaily

There are numerous businesses that host these parties all over the country, but one of the most popular ones in New York City is the Astoria-based Quiet Events, who throw regular bashes throughout the city all year long.

Want to see what all the noise is not about? 


Studio Square Beer Garden in Astoria is quietly throwing down September 4th.  And if you need a break, order one of their famous and massive Bavarian pretzels until you catch your breath again.

Want to try a real “underground” party? Take a ride on the NYC subway for their Subway Tour party on September 12th, which is, according to them, a mix of a flash mob, dance party and city tour all in one.

The party starts at The Campbell Terrace Outdoor Lounge at Grand Central before it’s all aboard for non-stop music while you hit some of the most historic subway platforms and terminals in the city (don’t forget your MetroCard).

If you already get more than your share of subway surfing, that very same night is one of their classic quiet clubbing parties at Croton Reservoir Tavern on West 40th Street. Three DJs battle to capture the crowd throughout this two-level tavern.

From hip-hop and R&B to old school hits and electronic dance music, the night will be dropping music for just about every partier to dance to, a definite pro of the quiet clubbing rage. So which color will get you grooving?

Regularly running Quiet Clubbing events are the staple of this growing fad, but allow for more innovative “specialty” parties too. 

On September 17th, their Mobile Party Juice Bar Crawl hits the pavement of NoLita and the East Village as you sample a myriad of fresh juices, dancing through the streets from two music channels the whole way.

There are tons of options when it comes to these events, and they even span outside of clubbing into realms like stand-up comedy battles and karaoke. No matter how you like to get your party on, you haven’t lived until you’ve hit up the quietest party you’ll ever go to.

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