Everybody knows that the rent in New York City is too damn high. We can all agree on that one, right? Right. 

But just how high is it in certain places? 

This three dimensional rent map of NYC, rendered by NeighborhoodX-- brain child of Constantine Valhouli and architect Cat Callaghan-- lays out just how much money New Yorkers spend per square foot.

Let's put it another way. The tallest parts of the map are where people pay the most per square foot for space.


Now go ahead and look at your neighborhood.

Is it tall? Nope, we didn't think so. Neither is ours. This map is also a good indicator of how far into the outlying boroughs higher rents creep.

[via 6sqft.com]

You'll see that the deepest parts of Brooklyn are way more affordable (except Ocean Parkway) than the parts closer to Manhattan. 

All of this is not so much a surprise, as it is just another a unique way of seeing information you probably already kinda sorta knew. 

But yeah. Seeing it in a 3D map makes it real. So now where's your next move? 

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[via 6sqft]

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