Have You Ever Wondered Which Subway Lines Have the Best Wi-Fi Connection in NYC?

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Remember that time when Wi-Fi was the best thing that ever happened to the subway?

Just recently,Transit Wireless integrated their system into our New York City subway lives, and ever since, free subway Wi-Fi has been saving New Yorkers' lives.

Especially the New Yorkers who frequently ride the Q train. Mashable reported a new study conducted by Global Wireless Solutions that revealed best cell service on the New York City subway is on the Q train.

"Those traveling between Midtown and lower Manhattan along the Q, R, and N lines are likely to experience solid connectivity throughout their journey, as all three lines appeared in the top five best overall performing lines," said Paul Carter, CEO of Global Wireless Solutions.

But what if you're not traveling between Midtown and Lower Manhattan?

"If riders are heading uptown north of 57th Street, they will want to jump on the B or A lines for a regular and reliable connection," Carter said.

You want details? Okay, okay. We'll give you details.

GWS also tested upload and download speeds, and found that mobile performed better than Wi-Fi for uploading, but that Wi-Fi did better than mobile for downloading.

Which is good to know if you're worried about your monthly data usage. And since most of us are, it's just good to know that we should download the new Drake YouTube video on the Q train, but we shouldn't upload a new profile picture on the Q. 

At least not yet.

The good news is that the project won't be completed until 2017, at which time all 279 NYC subway stations are expected to have reliable Wi-Fi. 

As for now, though, things haven't gone as well for the overcrowded East Side lines. 

The 4, 5, and 6 ranked terribly in the study in both mobile and data connections. 

But by the time the project is finished, the overcrowded East Side will be way less crowded, as the 2nd Avenue subway line is expected to be in service by that time.

So to those of you balling on the East Side: even more excellent things are coming your way in due time. And to those of you who ride the Q, B, R, N, and A lines, you should count your blessings. Because your stations are the top five Wi-Fi stations.

For now.

Here's a complete list of the Wi-Fi service rankings:

1. Q

2. B

3. R

4. N

5. A 

6. C

7. F

8. 2

9. D

10. M

11. L

12.  E

13. 1

14. 3

15. 6

16. J

17. Z

18. 4

19. 5

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