Check out this incredible infographic below, showing Central Park's size compared to other well-known places around the globe. 

The outline-overlay image was made by a self-storage site, Sparefoot, using mapping software MAPfrappe, to "learn about the scale of other places in the world and think of them in terms of City blocks."

Objectively, Central Park is 2.5 (51 blocks!) miles long and 1/2 a mile wide. Pretty diesel, as far as city parks go. Turns out, pretty diesel as far as some cities go!

Other places are small as hell, right? Venice? The whole place is about as wide as Central Park is long. It's hard to believe Central Park would cover so much area in other cities. 

San Francisco, especially, looks tiny. It's a good reminder that New York City as a whole is huge. It's easy to just stay in the bubble of your favorite neighborhood(s), or maybe just where you live. 


But seriously, it's good not to get stuck in those habits. Break out! Go somewhere different around the city. 

You know, you won't have to go far to get there. 


[Feature Image Courtesy: Flavorpill] 

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