Seriously, Come On! 17 More Things New Yorkers Do That Make Absolutely No Sense

When you live in a metropolis with 8.3 million people, with an amalgamation of cultures and crowded sidewalks, sometimes things go wild. 

New Yorkers do a lot of stupid, head-scratching stuff every single day. Back in April, we told you about our interviews with random New Yorkers about 11 things we all do that make no sense

Now, we're back with 17 more. And we asked folks on the streets one simple question: Why-- why the hell do you do it? 

Like, we get way more excited for free French fries at Shake Shack than a celebrity sighting. Really? 

We stress pretty hard about keeping grime from the streets out of our beds, and then recklessly invite strangers we met at the bar to sleep in them. 

We are well-aware of how little sense we make, but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

So what else do we do that makes no sense? Read on and find out.

1. Recklessly jaywalk, but then refuse to walk atop those creeky sidewalk doors


"You really think I have time to wait until it's my turn to cross?" David, 35


"I know two people who have fallen through those sidewalk doors. I'm not stupid." Alexis, 24

2. Complain about being hungover, but then pound those bottomless mimosas at brunch


"I'm never drinking again." - Khalil, 26

"Brunch is life. I go bottomless no matter what I did the night before." Casey, 22

3. Party until 4 a.m., but complain bitterly about an 8 p.m. night in the office


"Um, the bars are open until 4 a.m. for a reason right?" Leigh, 25

"I mean, I like my job. But not that much. Does my boss want me to have a life?" Nick, 28

4. Talk to strangers at bars, but then refuse to make eye contact on the subway


"I love new friends." - Michael, 32

"When I'm exhausted after a long day at work, I do not want to be looked at on the subway." Jessica, 28

5. Eat from a sketchy street meat cart at 3 a.m., but never eat at 'B' graded restaurants


"I mean, it was delicious. Yes, I was wasted and anything would've been delicious, but this was really  delicious." Sam, 23

"B-rated restaurants scare me. I believe in the NYC Health Code." Kim, 33

6. Brag about the endless amount of NYC restaurants, then order from the same restaurant twice in one day


"I feel really fortunate to live in a city with the most diverse cuisine in America." Melissa, 21

"I don't know what to tell you. I really love Shorty's buffalo chicken wraps. So, yeah, sometimes I eat them for lunch and for dinner." Joe, 27

7. Get murderously annoyed when people ask you about your rent, but then relentlessly ask others about theirs


"Talking about rent is depressing. It just reminds me how much money I don't have. Why does everyone have to ask me?" - Amy, 24

"How much do you pay a month?" - Chris, 30

8. Brag about being open-minded, but then refuse to visit certain neighborhoods


"Gay marriage has been legal here since 2011. Why did it take the rest of America so long?" Mark, 29


"I will never go to Staten Island." Ahmed, 26

9. Hate people who don't wait until you get off the subway, but then never take your backpack off when you're inside


"Whenever people try to get on the train before I get off, I shove them out of my way. Unless they have kids with them." - Daniel, 32

"The backpack thing is the dumbest rule. I don't want my backpack on that dirty floor." Javier, 22


10. Hate cabs when you're walking, but then hate walkers when you're cabbing it


"It's so infuriating that cabs can turn right when it's our turn to walk." Christine, 28


"I don't understand why pedestrians stroll so casually in front of moving cabs. It's preposterous." Riley, 25

11. Act nonchalant about a celebrity sighting, but then extremely stoked about free cookies


"I did once see Julia Stiles on the street, but I didn't say hi. She was with her friends." Nadia, 27

"I mean, have you tried Insomnia Cookies?- Liz, 26

12. Walk through dog piss and poop on the way to really fancy parties


"Yeah, I'm used to it now. I just expect the subway to smell like piss and poop." - Noel, 26

"Yeah, going from the late-night 6 to a party on the rooftop of The Standard was quite a transition." - Antonio, 34

13. Spend $25 on fancy Italian pizza and $1 on a dollar slice... on the same exact night


"I don't care how much it costs. The pizza at San Matteo on the UES is as good as the pizza in Italy. It's worth it." - Tony, 29

"What if I had way more than one dollar slice?" - Ashley, 22

14. You're all non-stop about money worries, but then spend $9 on a latte


"Yeah. I'm poor. That's all there is to it." Simon, 25

"Have you ever been really tired and then drank a double dirty latte from Starbucks? It's better than any Red Bull on its best day." Bruce 28

15. Buy expensive beds, but never sleep in them


"I have a Tempur-pedic mattress. It cost an arm and a leg, but it's the comfiest mattress in the world." -Ashley, 23

"I've gotten six hours of sleep in the past three nights." - Max, 29

16. Panic about bedbugs, but then sleep in the bed of a stranger you met at the bar


"I never even sit on my couch in the pants I wore on the subway." Susan, 25


"Why'd I go home with him? Because he was hot." Maria, 26

17. Hate dogs inside restaurants, but drool over them in the middle of the street


"Why would I want a dog slobbering in my ear while I'm eating tacos?" - Keith, 31

"The other day I hung out in a dog park and I don't even have a dog. Best choice ever." - Todd, 25

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