Brunch It, Baby: 9 Best Brunch Spots to Hit Up This Weekend Below 14th Street

Remember that time when brunching in New York City was the quintessential traits of a New Yorker? Well, it's true, and if you don't believe us, check out our guide to brunch and brunch heaven spots.

Basically what we're getting at is, we love brunch. We believe in it. We think every New Yorker should take advantage of it. 

Did you know that other cities don't allow bottomless alcohol as a thing? So, since New York does... let's, you know, do it.

And also, for now it's summertime, and for now the livin's easy, of course you'd want to sit outside while you brunch. So your skin can soak up some rays while you're stomach soaks up endless mimosas. That's just how the perfect morning weekend always goes.

Now read on to discover 9 brunch spots below 14th Street that are the absolute best for brunching.

1. Little Owl (90 Bedford Street)

denayoung How has no one ever told me about these meatball sliders??? We don't eat anything, but we're eating everything today. #staycationdays #foodtour #allgluten #yummmm

From duck salad, meatball sliders, and lobster-corn soup, the food at Little Owl is likely to blow you away with both their tasty food, and their lovely ambiance.


The main event is clearly their pork chops, however. 

As Little Owl is, for now, blessedly under-the-radar, odds are you won't have to devote an absurd chunk of your day to waiting for a table. It's cozy, and while they only serve beer and wine, you'll still have the opportunity to get severely crunk, and wander into the summer day to enjoy your buzz.

2. Minetta Tavern (113 Macdougal Street)

martintriska Supposedly the best burger in #newyork according to #foursquare and #anthonybourdain. They were right :)) #minettatavern #blacklabelburger #mnam

If you're interested in history and famous people, consider this: Minetta Tavern's been around since 1937 and was once visited by the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound, Eugene O'Neill, E.E. Cummings, and Dylan Thomas.

But if you're more interested in delicious outdoor brunch than a bunch of famous writers, listen up. 

Minetta Tavern has a comprehensive list of alcohol, including rye whiskey, bourbon, bloody Mary's and sparkling cocktails.

Their Black Label burger is to die for, and their Petit SalΓ© de Morue which comes complete with fresh Atlantic cod, poach egg, and crisp pancetta will leave you satiated for 24 hours.

Needless to say, Minetta Tavern is a popular locale, so securing a reservation a few days in advance is definitely the move here. 

3. Balthazar (80 Spring Street)

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Balthazar offers traditional bistro fare. It's got a French menu prepared by Chef de Cuisine, Shane McBride. Balthazar offer features an extensive wine list, a raw seafood bar, and the breads and pastries from the famous Balthazar bakery.

And they have a killer outdoor brunch. So, you might be sitting in Balthazar, chowing away, feeling like you're in France in the 1900s. Then, you leave, and you're back in Manhattan in 2015.

Balthazar's Duck Confit will melt right in your mouth, and their scrambled eggs come cooked inside a puffed pastry. But the main event has got to be avocado toast topped with a poached egg.

Yeah, we're hungry now too. Reservations are a must, so make sure you get yours before you come.

4. Mission Cantina (172 Orchard Street)

inquisitive_eating $1 #tacos time!!! LIVER TACO IS A MUST πŸ˜‹ #inquisitiveeating #missioncantina #afterwork #nycfood #goodtimes #eeeeeats

The creation of this Mexican restaurant was inspired by Danny Bowien's tenure as a resident in San Francisco and a whirlwind trip to Mexico City.

Their brunch menu includes delectable options like steak tartare, snow crab tostada, and charred watermelon. 

If you're craving an inventive Mexican brunch with a touch of Asian flair, Mission Cantina is where you need to be this weekend. Oh, did we say their burritos are some of the best in the city? 

We didn't? 

Well, their burritos are some of the best in the city.

5. Cornelia Street Cafe (29 Cornelia Street)

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Cornelia Street Cafe isn't just an amazing place to chow down on brunch. it's also a cultural landmark, and one of the best jazz clubs in NYC.


Their brunch menu includes an amazing edition of challah french toast with Vermont maple syrup, delicious buttermilk pancakes, and the NYC native dish eggs Benedict.

Their "Prix Fixe" brunch option includes the choice of a number of brunch options, a side of bread from a variety of bread choices like chocolate or banana bread, an alcoholic beverage, and tea, coffee, or soda. All for $22. Which, in our opinions, is lavish.


6. Jane (100 West Houston Street)

This casual American bistro is right in between Greenwich Village and Soho.

They've got a value-priced brunch for you to enjoy al fresco, and a truly magical French toast that's crispy on the outside, and warm and gooey on the inside. But that's not all. 


Their Benedict Johnny is its own main event. And if you're going to have one plate of French fries before you die, it should be Rosemary fries from Jane.

They also have special, custom made ketchup, and $10 cocktails with selections like an amazing White Peach Bellini, Passion Screwdriver, and Rhubarb Fizz.

If you come to dine outdoors at Jane, you'll probably have the best brunch you've ever had.

7. Freemans (191 Chrystie Street)

piecesofc I would love to have brunch everyday...❀️ #Freemans #brunch

Freemans specializes in seasonal rustic American cuisine. This includes wild game, sustainable seafood, and produce from local New York state farms.

They also feature some of the most innovative cocktails in NYC, with small batch whiskies and exotic spirits. Their wines are food friendly, and include many hard-to-find bottles.

All we can say about their hot artichoke dip is that it alone makes Freemans worth a visit. The artichoke dip is searing hot, gooey, cheesy, and amazing. 

Oh, and their smoked trout is delicious and portioned very generously.

It's down an alley and has welcome hanging lights and a gorgeous, hidden ambiance. Freemans is truly a gem. Eat here soon.

8. Clinton Street Baking Company (4 Clinton Street)

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Are you a seasoned pancake lover? If you answered yes, then Clinton Street Baking Co. is where you need to savor your next outdoor brunch.

We mean it. Their blueberry pancakes are probably the best ones you'll ever have. They also serve hearty portions of scrambled eggs, cheese grits, fried tomatoes, and bacon crusted in sugar before it's cooked-- rendering it the most delicious bacon in all of Manhattan.

If you're a breakfast lover, and that description made your heart pound, then you know we're right. This restaurant is cute, cozy, and popular. Be prepared to wait for a table. Bring a book.

9. Pies 'n' Thighs (166 South 4th Street - Brooklyn)

thehungryclementine Pour some sugar on me πŸ—πŸ‘ And P.S. Re: my last post, there's no healthy way to do chicken & waffles... But there's a right way πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Okay, okay, okay. The original location of Pies 'n' Thighs is in Brooklyn, and while we know that's not Manhattan, it is technically below 14th Street.

And for all you sticklers out there, they also have an LES location (43 Canal Street). But, our hearts are still with the original BK spot.


This southern barbecue brunch spot is cuisine heaven - with a $5 chicken basket, a banana cream pie, and a pulled pork sandwich that will all leave you pretty unsure whether you're still alive, or if you've died and gone to heaven.

Southern transplants beware: They have good biscuits, but they're not biscuit biscuits, as in, biscuits-the-size-of-your-face biscuits. 

Pies 'n' Thighs has a cult following-- for good reason. Make it a part of your life this weekend.

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