It's Not Ice Cream, It's Shaved Snow Cream, And It's Taking Over NYC-- Just in Time for the Dog Days of Summer!

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Right after you read this, get over to East 10th Street. 

Because if you haven't heard about it just yet, there's a delicious dessert in town that feels like snow-- but tastes like ice cream. 

Last fall, Snowdays Shaved Cream Co. opened at 10th Street and 1st Avenue, and this innovative, delicious treat is officially rescuing New Yorkers of all ages from this recent stifling heatwave. 

It's also drowning us all in the nostalgia of snow days from yesteryear. 

See, thanks to Snowdays, shaved cream is no longer just a West Coast treat.

So, what is shaved cream? It's an evolution of Taiwanese and Korean shaved ices, and it's sparked a sensation on the West Coast. And now, it's made its way across the nation, right to the East Village-- with ambitious plans to expand to Brooklyn and Queens (and real soon). 

Shaved cream brings the fluffy texture of snow in a head-on collision with the creamy taste of ice cream. It's delicious, it's new, and you need to take a dip into its creamy goodness as soon as humanly possible. 

"I first encountered this new frozen dessert while living in Los Angeles. It was the best thing I had ever tasted, there was nothing like it," said Tony Quach, owner and founder of Snowdays. "What was first a cool new place to take friends for dessert, quickly turned into an obsession and craving." 

snowdaysnyc Sunday funday! Need something fun to do today? Come by with friends and family to share a cool, yummy treat! We open at 1PM today 😊 #snowdaysnyc #sundaysundae #snowcream

Snowdays's shaved cream is handmade in small batches, everyday, on the premises with fresh organic dairy from New York's Hudson Valley. They use seasonal ingredients for flavor, roasting black sesame seeds for their Black Sesame Flavor, and mix their New York City cheesecake flavor with real cream cheese.

"Shaved cream was something that I had to bring back to New York City," Quach said.

So how can you be a part of the buzz? First, tag Snowdays on social media with the hashtag #snowdaysnyc to get your photos posted on their Instagram. Then, get yourself downtown and prepare to have your life changed forever.

Or you can just wait until their other locations to open on up. But ain't nobody got time for that now, right? 

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