How Many Have You Eaten? 21 Iconic NYC Foods Every New Yorker Needs to Cross Off Their Bucket List. Like ASAP

15. Eggs Benedict from the Waldorf Astoria (301 Park Avenue)

Why wouldn't you want to eat breakfast at one of the world's most historic luxury hotels before you die?

Peacock Alley, the Waldorf Astoria's newly-renovated restaurant, serves the city's best Eggs Benedict. 

The combination of sunny-side-up eggs atop an English muffin smothered in hollandaise sauce is the perfect hangover cure, and the Waldorf Astoria is the perfect place to eat it.

Why should you eat this breakfast at the Waldorf Astoria, you might ask? Well, because Eggs Benedict was invented at the Waldorf Astoria in 1942 when Lemuel Benedict ordered all the ingredients, hoping to find a cure for his hangover.

Oscar Tschirky, the maître d'hôtel at the time, was so impressed with the order that he put it on the menu. And the rest is history. 

16. Pretzel from any hot dog stand (various NYC locations) 

misscarissxo My first trip to the city, especially Times Square, wouldn't have been complete without one of these. (Note to self: next time, get more mustard!)

Because we just do pretzels best.

Even though 80% of America's soft pretzels are made in Pennsylvania, 100% of America's most delicious soft pretzels are made in NYC and sold at hot dog stands across this city. 

They're soft, chewy, and perfectly salted. These boiled, baked pretzels will forever be quintessential NYC.

They also usually cost only a couple of bucks tops, which is a huge win in this expensive city.

17. Cheesecake from Junior's (386 Flatbush Avenue - Brooklyn)

Cheesecake is the most famous of all NYC desserts, and one of the most timeless and classic NYC foods. Now, Junior's cheesecake is the most famous cheesecake in this city for the simple reason that it's the most delicious cheesecake in this city. It's that simple. 

It's filled with rich cream cheese beneath a crunchy graham cracker crust. 

Junior's also offers seasonal cheesecake selections, alongside amazing flavors like red velvet and crumb cheesecake with cinnamon streusel crumbs on top. Did someone say the most mouth-watering dessert in NYC? 

We thought so.

18. Chicken and Rice from The Halal Guys (various NYC locations) 

andresarcilanyc You're not a real New Yorker till you've had Halal from the Halal Guys on 53rd and 6th. #ifyouknowyouknow #original #halalguys #NY #lamb #overrice #notthatchickennonsense #streetmeat #whitesauce #hotsauce #extra #causeiliketosweatwhenieat #fuckthatsdelicious #stepcondo

If you haven't been drunk and frantically spooning oversized bites of chicken and rice from The Halal Guys into your mouth, you aren't quite an New Yorker yet.

There's just something so incalculably satisfying about the combination of the chicken, its succulent sauce, and the gooey rice to soak it all up.

Chicken and rice from The Halal Guys is the best drunk food in the galaxy, and instantly upgrades any night on the town from mediocre to delicious.

19.  Grandma Slice from L&B Spumoni Gardens (2725 86th Street - Brooklyn)

julez7885_ It has been awhile #landbspumoni

What's a grandma slice, you ask?

It's any pizza that's thin, square, with a crispy crust, and made with fresh-from-the-garden vegetables and herbs.

Where's the best place in NYC to get a grandma slice?

L&B Spumoni Gardens is the clear choice here, as it's not just a legend. It's innovative. Its mozzarella and sauce actually switch places, so you're bombarded with flavorful sauce before you even reach the cheese.

Eating this pizza is an experience, and one you absolutely must have before you die. Now get to it. 

20. Falafel from Mamoun's (various NYC locations) 

foodnommin Perfect summer dinner in the park @mamounsfalafel #foodnommin

Mamoun's is the oldest falafel restaurant in New York City. 

So if you want to eat classic falafel, there's no better place to find perfectly shaped balls of fried chick peas stuffed inside a pita with hummus and tabouli.

The best part? The notoriously yummy falafel at Mamoun's is inexpensive, and its hole-in-the-wall vibe is so lovely its bound to keep you coming back again.

21. Live Octopus from Sik Gaek (various NYC locations) 

meee_mo The famous Sik Gaek seafood hotpot! Yes! That's a live, kicking lobster on top! #sikgaek #korean #hotpot #seafood #lobster #koreanhotpot #nyc #newyorkcity #queenseats #yum #foodie

Definitely the most wild selection on the list, but it's oh-so-worth-it. 

Maybe you read this and said "Digusting! I can't eat anything that's still alive!" And to that we say, sure, maybe. 

But what's the point of having a list of foods to eat before you die if you're not going to live on the edge?

These Queens spots are famous for their famous seafood hot pot, which you might recall Anthony Bourdain and David Chang chowing down on in an episode of No Reservations.

The seafood hot pot continues to cook while you eat, so digging into lobsters, clams, mussels, shrimp, sea snails, crabs and abalone, all drenched in a spicy red broth beside a squirming octopus, just keeps getting better with every bite.

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