Lick It, Lick It Real Good: 7 Most Delicious Spots for Frozen Yogurt in NYC

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Okay, okay. Ice cream is delicious, and we know that. We'll admit it.

But sometimes, we don't want ice cream. We want froyo.

Why do we want froyo? It's lighter for one, which makes it slightly more refreshing than itss heavier counterpart. Where ice cream is made with cream, froyo is made with milk. Rendering it lower in fat, and healthier.

Also, at self-serve places like 16 Handles, the freedom is ours to add as many flavors and topics as we like.

Basically, froyo is amazing and essential to summertime happiness. Read on to find out where in NYC to get it.

1. Culture (various locations)

tbi_red_rancher16 Culture #culturefroyo

What began in Park Slope, and recently expanded to the West Village (60 West 8th street) became a froyo establishment that completely kills it when it comes to creamy, delicious, freshly made froyo. If you want to eat frozen yogurt that someone really cared about making delicious, this is the spot for you.


Culture's froyo doesn't taste so delicious by accident. They manufacture their frozen yogurt in store, from live probiotic cultures and fresh, local milk and nothing else.

Also, owner and frozen yogurt chef Jennifer Baker trained professionally at the Institute of Culinary Education and is dedicated to wowing her customers with seasonal toppings curated to best compliment the yogurt.

2. Pinkberry (various locations)

huslaplaya #pinkberry #after #iftar

Discussing frozen yogurt in NYC without mentioning Pinkberry is an illegal crime punishable by law. Which is an exaggeration, but not by much.

We know Pinkberry started in California and has recently expanded to plenty of other states, but everyone knows the real Pinkberry trend took off in NYC.

With ten locations throughout NYC and new summer flavors like strawberry margarita and blueberry, the tangy, tart taste of Pinkberry is guaranteed to rock your summer.

Pinkberry offers 27 tart flavors and 22 sweet flavors. They also sell fresh, hand-cut fruit which is never frozen, canned, or in syrup. Basically, they have this whole frozen yogurt thing on lock.

Also, any medium or larger Pinkberry is half off Mondays through Thursdays from 5-7 p.m. until July 30th, so if you're deciding when to acquire froyo heaven, we think it should be then.

3. 16 Handles (various locations)

lois_rose my fav guilty food after vocal lessons are these naughty buys in the upper west side simply becuz its so close and i'll just eat it all the way to central park. i think thats love

16 Handles is cool in both ways. We know, we're hilarious, and 16 Handles is delicious. Now, let's talk about less obvious things.

16 Handles has 14 different locations throughout NYC, which makes acquiring their perfect, varied flavors a cinch.

The dopest part about 16 Handles, obviously, is its self-service model. For all you indecisive froyo enthusiasts out there, there finally is a no-judgement zone where you can mix peanut, Nutella, and cookies-and-cream all in one dish. And yes, you can scour it with m&ms, chocolate syrup, and pineapple. That freedom is yours.

The only hazard that occurs at 16 Handles is when it comes time to weigh your dish. It's always very embarrassing to have piled so many toppings onto your froyo that your price comes in at $7 while your much less fun friend only has to shell out $3 for hers.

That's why you should only bring people to 16 Handles who get as excited about frozen yogurt as you do.

4. Off The Wall (Various Locations)

missnewfoodie Yolo girl just wants her froyo

Similar to 16 Handles, Off The Wall features the self-service model that makes squeezing frozen yogurt from machines into paper bowls yourself just so satisfying. You can have whatever combination of flavors you'd like, whatever toppings you'd like, and you don't have to stress about whether you can explain this to someone behind a counter beforehand.

Each of Off The Wall's three locations have their own flavor variety. So their Times Square location may feature Fantastic Fruit Punch as its featured flavor while their 2nd Avenue location features cake batter. Their Union Square location may have Watermelon Splash while Times Square has Pistachio.

The point is, their froyo is delicious, their flavors are varied and plentiful, and their toppings are, well, off the wall (see what we did there?)

5. Chloe's Soft Serve (25 East 17th Street)

Are you very into eating ice cream without dairy, gluten, fat, high fructose corn syrup, cholesterol or sodium?

Do you want soft served, fruit flavored ice cream that literally contains only three ingredients: fruit, water, and organic cane sugar?

Then Chloe's Soft Serve is right for you. With huge portions, a superfruit bowl that will rock your world, and fresh, real ingredients, Chloe's Soft Serve is dedicated to providing their customers with frozen treats that are both delicious and healthy, and created with care. Snacking on froyo from Chloe's soft serve is definitely preferable to some processed, allergen filled alternatives.

Also, their 'smores sundae, with dark chocolate soft serve, banana, marshmallows, natural peanut butter, and whipped cream is completely to die for.

6. Yorganic (various locations)


Yorganic started as exclusively frozen yogurt, then exploded into organic salads, sandwiches, bowls, juices and smoothies. Dedicated to promoting all natural and hormone free ingredients, hitting up Yorganic for a salad is a good move. Hitting up Yorganic for some froyo, however, is a great move.

From the yorgasm smoothie to their greek frozen yogurt, yorganic's organic (surprise!) treats and snacks are sure to leave your stomach and tastebuds satisfied.

After consuming yorganic frozen yogurt you'll feel energized rather than run down, which is always a great feeling.

7. Yooglers (791 Broadway)

sprinklesandsushi Sunday sundae #cookiesincream #froyo #spooning #peanutbutter #grahamcrackers #reesescups #reesespieces #oreo #dessert #yooglers

Yooglers is completely delicious. Which is beside the point. Of the 90 flavors of frozen yogurt Yooglers developed, 95% are fat free or low fat. They also offer gluten-free frozen yogurt, non sugar added, and lactose free sorbet.

With 20 flavors of frozen yogurt on any given day, more than 90 toppings, and a self service station, Yooglers is definitely a West Village gem. Their range of toppings is truly incredible, from healthy, fresh fruit to rich, delicious cheese cake chunks.

Yooglers' frozen yogurt is tasty, and their variety is incredible, is what we're saying. They also offer a 20% discount to NYU students. Which is super sweet of them.

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