Soooo Over It: "This Oppresses Women" Stickers Call Out Sexist Ads All Over NYC

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Have you ever been on the subway and seen an ad that promoted breast or buttock augmentation?

Or have you ever seen a taxi cabs with those distasteful "Gentlemen's Club" advertisements on top, with those unrealistic pictures of busty blonde and brunette fantasies?

Well, now there's actually something being done about those oppressive advertisements that litter New York City.

National Women's Liberation and Redstockings are women's groups that are using stickers to call out sexist ads all around NYC, and the result is empowering.

We are so excited about these stickers, we almost died when we found out they existed.


When they see an oppressive ad, they simply place a, "This oppresses women," sticker on top of it, thus reappropriating it with in small, brave flourishes.

So, now, when you see sexist ads inquiring whether you're "bikini body ready," you no longer need to helplessly fume.

jenn.wadsworth Feminist vandalism. I love it. #ThisOppressesWomen

NWL and Redstockings have been distributing the stickers at their protests and their monthly meetings. The more we can plaster the stickers on ads that oppress women, the more dignity reclaimed.

So, to all of you brave sticker vandals out there, you're killing it. Rock on.

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