Bring It, Baby: 7 Best BYOB Restaurants in NYC Below 14th Street

What are the merits of going to a "bring your own bottle" restaurant?

Well, for one, the alcohol is exponentially less expensive. Buying alcohol at a liquor store and bringing it to a restaurant can save you $30 or so.

Another plus to BYOB's is that you're not at the mercy of your waiter or waitress for more wine-- when and how much you refill your glass is 100% your decision (until your bottle runs out, that is).

And probably the biggest plus of a BYOB situation is that you don't have to rely on the restaurant to have your favorite wine.

You can just bring it.

So if you're dealing with an addiction to Gnarly Head, you don't have to fret over whether any particular restaurant has caught on to the trend.

Here are the best BYOB restaurants in Manhattan-- below 14th Street, that is. (You know, because downtown just does everything better.)

1. Tartine (253 West 11th Street)

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This West Village gem features outdoor seating, a striped canopy, and a fine dining, cozy vibe.


They've been serving simple and tasty dishes for over twenty years, so whether you're craving coffee and croissants, spicy chicken with guacamole and French fries (amazing), or broiled escargot, get to Trader Joe's, buy a bottle of wine, and swing by Tartine for dinner.

It's not particularly cheap, but at least your alcohol will be way less expensive, right?

2. Milon (93 1st Avenue)

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If you're craving traditional Indian cuisine, this might be the best choice for your night out on the town. Want to munch on curry tandoori or vindaloo shag masala while sipping whatever wine you brought?

The best part about Milon is that its prices are relatively relaxed, and its coconut curry is the bomb. They're cash only, though, FYI. So hit the ATM and the liquor store before you make your way to this East Village eatery.

Their interior is also pretty tiny, so if you're rolling squad deep you should save Milon for another night.

3. Gentlemen Farmer (40 Rivington Street)

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Looking to get exotic? This French restaurant has unique menu options, like bison tartare, mushroom ravioli, pheasant pate, or venison sausage.

They sell their own alcohol during the week, and are BYOB on Sundays with no corkage fee.

If you have a few twenties to spare (it's not exactly cheap), and you're looking for a luxurious evening out in a luxurious French restaurant, come here on a Sunday night, and bring your favorite bottle of wine.

4. Tree Bistro (190 1st Avenue)

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From steamed mussels to steak frites with parmesan truffle fries (plus a full, eclectic seasonal menu), the food here is definitely a must-do experience.

The entire restaurant was built and decorated by its owners, and also features a (more expensive) canopied walled garden - a very romantic dinner spot.


They also offer fried Oreos for dessert, which are worth the calories. Trust us.

You're only allowed to bring wine as your drink of choice here, which goes best with their food anyway.They don't have a corkage fee on Mondays. It's $25 per bottle every other day, so, obviously, we recommend coming here on a Monday.


5. Kuma Inn (113 Ludlow Street)

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Tucked away on the second floor of its building (make sure you don't miss it) Kuma Inn is a Filipino, Thai, and Southeast Asian BYOB eatery.


Might we recommend the Chinese sausage, pork dumplings, or coconut rice? Got your attention now, didn't we?

This cash only joint also rocks other delicious menu options, like rice crepes and drunken shrimp. Top Hops is right down the road, at 94 Orchard Street, and will sell you the perfect craft beers to wash down your perfect meal from here.

6. Zest (249 Broome Street)

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This Asian fusion restaurant will quell your craving for sushi and sashimi, pad thai, seafood fried rice, or chicken teriyaki. The place is small, but the wait you'll probably encounter for a table is worth it.

Whoever invented Zest's sushi menu was wildly creative because their rolls rock some seriously innovative and delectable combinations.

They also serve surprisingly large portions when it comes to entrΓ©es, and they will cork your bottle of wine for free.

Their prices are also so relaxed you might fall over. Sushi rolls are a category breaking $3.50 each-- a price that's almost unheard of.

7. Panna II (93 1st Avenue)

Another dope restaurant specializing in Indian cuisine, Panna II's dopest feature is that it's extremely affordable while also managing to be extremely delicious.


Add this to the fact that you're drinking wine you bought at a liquor or grocery store, and your wallet will definitely thank you for the decision to eat at Panna II.

If you want your wallet and your tastebuds to be on your side, order the chicken tikka musalom, the vegetable samosa, or some ice cream for dessert. It's also cash only and on the small side in terms of space, but at least their hanging ceiling lights are phenomenal.

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