5 Most Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks You'll Find in NYC (According to a Native Philly Guy)

I’m a real Philly guy. I bleed green for the birds. (For the record, I’m still salty over the ’09 World Series loss to the Yankees.)

And yeah, I'm a transplant; so be it. But so are a majority of a people in New York City at this point, so whatever.

But being a real Philly dude, I know that eating a cheesesteak in NYC is borderline blasphemous. Behavior like that can get me excommunicated from my hometown.

The biggest danger when ordering a cheesesteak in NYC is that they try and add all sorts of nonsense.

A lot of spots in this city try and class it up, when it doesn’t need to be. But that’s not my point.

The point is, that I know a solid, authentic Philly cheesesteak when I taste it and these 5 spots definitely bring the noise in this city.

So have at 'em!

1. 99 Miles to Philly (94 3rd Avenue)

el_fab This greasy goodness. 😋 #omnomnom #phillycheesesteak #steak #provolone #wafflefries #orangesoda #99milestophilly #midtown #manhattan #nyc #TGIF

This East Village restaurant edges out Shorty’s for the best cheesesteak in NYC. The roll is from Amoroso’s which I obviously love because that’s about as old school Philly as a roll can get.


The steak is chopped to perfection. The restaurant itself has the authentic Philly feel. Top to bottom, I’m all in on 99 Miles to Philly.

2. Shorty’s (various NYC locations)

shortysnyc Where are you watching the Super Bowl? #shortysnyc #20beersontap #3locations

This place has four locations and they’re all equally dope. I love these cheesesteaks and I grub on them all the time.

I’m also a big fan of the sports bar atmosphere and happy hour specials, and this spot nails both of 'em to perfection.

3. God Bless Deli (818 Manhattan Avenue - Brooklyn)

orchardsinspace Sick today, and missing family Italian dinner. Walked to the God Bless Deli for crackers and what used to be an amusing name was a light in the night. ✨ #christmasinbrooklyn

These cheesesteaks are delicious, but you’ve got to be careful when you order because they notoriously try and put all sorts of crazy stuff on your cheesesteak.


(You know, because people who ask for mushrooms, jalapenos and all other sorts of nonsense on their cheesesteak simply perplex me.)

4. Delilah’s Steaks (55 McGuinness Blvd South - Brooklyn)

foodabolisher Yummy #PhillyCheesesteak at #delilahsteaks in #Greenpoint #Brooklyn #cheesesteak #cheesesteaks #delilahssteaks #sandwich #sandwiches #hero #sub

This isn’t your typical, authentic Philly cheesesteak, but it’s still really good.

The meat is really thick which they do in some classic Philly spots, but they don’t pull it off as well here as back home-- but it's still really good.

Solid cheesesteak, especially if you’re not a Philly native looking for a reminder of home.

5. Rocco’s Italian Sausage & Philly Cheesesteaks (5010 Northern Blvd - Long Island City)

arpatrick08 This deli is a hidden gem #fucksubway #actuallyfresh #arthuravebread #roccos

This is overall a solid cheesesteak. Not the best I’ve ever had, but definitely not the worst-- and that's saying a lot.


This is the kind of cheesesteak you’d get in a pizza place in South Jersey. Close to Philly, but not quite there. Still solid, though.

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