Coming Soon (And We Can't Hardly Wait): The First-Ever Underground Park in NYC

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Love the Highline?

Well, plans are in the works to create an Lowline in New York City and it will be exactly what it sounds like: an underground NYC park. (And yes, it's going to be absurdly incredible.)

It's going to take place under Delancey Street in the Lower East Side-- in an abandoned, 107-year-old former trolley station.

It's been untouched since 1948, and it's about to be the sight of the most amazing new park.

See, this is only one of the ways New Yorkers are turning back to nature. Whether through rooftop gardens or NYC's multitude of wildlife oases, whoever's running their mouth saying city dwellers don't care about nature needs to check their facts.

Watch the amazing video below to find out exactly how the city plans to reappropriate sunlight to shine underground.

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