8 Delicious Reasons Why Street Cart Pretzels Will Forever Be Quintessential NYC

While 80 percent of pretzels are actually made in Pennsylvania, New York City is still known to this day as the pretzel world's epicenter (and has been for the past 75 years).

Invented by European monks in around 1110, they're simple yet delicious "hand food" that can be eaten on the run-- which is essential for all New Yorkers.

Those soft, chewy, large pieces of salt-covered boiled and deliciously baked dough have equal appeal to New Yorkers of all ages.

They're also still the city's cheapest yet most delicious food-- with the possible exception of the currently-popular "99 cent slice."

The bottom line is, pretzels will never go out of style in this city and have gotten an enormous amount of love over the past several years. Here's 8 delicious reasons why.

1. They're cheap

misscarissxo My first trip to the city, especially Times Square, wouldn't have been complete without one of these. (Note to self: next time, get more mustard!)

They are still cheap as you remember from way back in the way!


Pretzels are possibly the only New York City food item that was just a buck in the '80s... and are only $1 to $2 now!

2. They're everywhere

inhervision Last day in #NYC #streetpretzel #streetfood #nycpretzel #5thavenue

You can buy them on literally any street corner, especially in Midtown!

There never seems to be a line, and if there is a little bit of a wait, it's just because there's someone putting an excessive amount of mustard on them! Good things come to those who wait, right?

3. You can get 'em anyway you like 'em 

fabby46 NYC Pretzel

You can get them as warm as you like 'em!

Vendors are more than happy to heat them up if you get one that's not the exact temperature that you want--and they are warmed up the old-fashioned way, right over a flame!

4. They're a meal in and of itself

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They're so big and filling, you can definitely share with a friend or just wrap back up in its foil for a snack later on.

They even stay fresh for a full day without foil, but even longer if you refrigerate or freeze 'em!

5. Options galore! 

tomer169 So simple , makes me so happy #nyc #nycpretzel #yumyum

You can take them home and turn them into pizza pretzels...or make pizza toast with your favorite jam.

They also make great substitutes for hot dog rolls. Literally, the options are endless.

6. They're still the ultimate street cart food

shezazzles His and Hers 💑

Native New Yorkers will never look down on you for eating pretzels because they are the ultimate street food in this city.

7. They're a symbol of NYC

karmenliovic Binge watching #sexandthecity and craving these!!!! We will meet again soon #nycpretzel soon!!!

They have become an unofficial symbol of the Big Apple! It's not even unusual for tourist shops to put pretzel patterns on t-shirts and baby clothes.


And that street vendor who's still at the entrance to Central Park at 79th Street and 5th Avenue even made it to the cover of Steely Dan's classic album, Pretzel Logic, just about 35 years ago.

8. They make for great Insta-photos

juleytl Eating this giant New York pretzel. #singlegirldinner #travelingBF #nycpretzel #repost

You can take cool selfies peeping through pretzels. Really, does any food look cooler on Instagram?

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[Feature Image Courtesy: Fine Art America]

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