Only in NYC: The World's Smallest Deer Was Recently Born in the Queens Zoo

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According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, a southern pudu fawn was born at the Wildlife Conservation Society's Queens Zoo on May 12th.

The pudu is the world's smallest deer species, and as you can glean from the Insta-photos below, he could not be cuter. Like, really, this deer is cuter than Bambi. And that's saying something.

The WCS says the fawn is male and still nursing, but on its way to transitioning into a diet of fresh leaves, grain, kale, carrots, and hay.

Those adorable white spots, unfortunately, are expected to fade as the fawn gets older.

According to the WCS, pudu bark when they sense danger or are being chased, and run in a zig-zag formation to escape their predators like owls, foxes, pumas, and cats.

boredomtherapy Ladies and gentlemen, behold the world's smallest (and cutest) deer species. Your iPad weighs more than this little guy!

Upon the birth of this fawn, the pudu exhibit at the Queens has grown to three-- making this the third consecutive year a fawn's been born.

Here's the last, most fun fact: pudu are native to Chile and Argentina, but this one lives right here with us in New York City.

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