Just Dance: Watch This Random Guy Bust a Move Behind Unsuspecting People in NYC

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Ever had the sneaky feeling that someone wasn't just watching you, but dancing behind you in New York City?

Well in this video below, that feeling officially becomes a reality as this really happy bearded dude in a green shirt jams out the F out-- time and time again-- behind unsuspecting New Yorkers.

Want to know who this guy is, anyway? His name is Meir Kalmanson, and he's a Brooklyn-based actor and filmmaker who likes making fun videos.

You might recognize him as the guy who last year tried to spread joy by high-fiving people who were trying to hail cabs around the city. Earlier this year, he was also responsible for throwing a dance party on the NYC subway.


His latest attempt to connect with strangers is to dance behind them without them realizing. The result will probably make you laugh, and definitely brighten your day.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the video below and instantly catapult yourself into a better mood!

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Have You Ever Seen a Dance Party on the NYC Subway?

[via YouTube]