It's About Time: LaGuardia Airport-- the Worst in the U.S.-- to Undergo $4 Billion Remodeling

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Update 7/27/2015, 5:18 p.m.

We know, we know. LaGuardia Airport is still the worst airport in the country.

According to Yahoo, Governor Cuomo made the revamp official today. He's introduced a plan to redesign and rebuild the airport, so the overly-packed launchpad will have more than double the amount of space for travelers. 

Because Cuomo said the current state of LaGuardia is "un-New York." And we agree.

"This is what New Yorkers deserve and have deserved for a long time," Cuomo said. 


Vice President Joe Biden, who once said that if he were blindfolded and brought to LaGuardia he'd think he was in "some Third World country," attended Cuomo's announcement on Monday. Cuomo said Biden's presence was crucial, as he expedited approvals that would usually take years.

The first part of the $4 billion remodel will be begin next year. 

So if you were getting down and out about the dismal state of LaGuardia, you can now rejoice. 

6/14/2015, 3:06 p.m.

Been to LaGuardia Airport lately? We know, it sucks right? Pushing past terminals so crowded you can hardly breath is never any fun.

One main reason LaGuardia is so lame is because it hasn't been renovated since 1964, at which time it was designed for 8 million fliers per year. Since LaGuardia currently flies 13 million people a year, it makes sense that it's so absurdly crowded and run-down.

Here's some excellent news, though: LaGuardia is about to about to get a $4 billion Swedish revamping of its Central Terminal Building, according to Mashable.

Soon LaGuardia will have ballin' new diggs. Like three terminals instead of two, 1.3 million square feet of space, with 35 gates for outgoing flights. This new, giant space will be designed to accommodate 17.5 million annual passengers. So flying into or out of LaGuardia is about to become a much more pleasant experience.

You're probably wondering where all this money will come from.

Two-thirds of the necessary cash will be extracted from the construction consortium, which LaGuardia will repay as it accrues money from its new airport, in, according to Mashable, "the type of public-private partnership that has become common to many large infrastructure projects."

All we can say it's about friggin' time!

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