Nice Try, MTA: 2nd Avenue Subway Simulator Allows You to Virtually Test Drive the Line

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Pretty much anyone living in New York City for the past 40 years has been affected by the construction of the 2nd Ave Subway Line, and MTA must know it by now...

The MTA went ahead and created a 2nd Avenue Subway Simulator, so we New Yorkers can experience how it feels to virtually ride the 2nd Avenue Subway.

For those of us who are having a hard time believing the 2nd Avenue Subway will ever become a reality (at least anytime before the year 2300), this video may quell anxieties that at least in our imaginations we can witness the 2nd Avenue Subway become a reality.

According to NY Magazine, the simulator is located at the MTA information office on 2nd Avenue and 84th Street, and allows you to "drive a virtual-reality subway car through the Second Avenue tunnels."

While we certainly do appreciate MTA's effort, we'd still prefer a real 2nd Avenue Subway line over this simulated version, as the virtual 2nd Avenue line doesn't, you know... actually get anyone anywhere.

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