Looking to rent an apartment in New York City? If so, we have some important, useful information for you.

Zumper just released the cheapest and most expensive neighborhoods to rent in NYC, and the results weren’t quite what we expected.

NYC preserved its spot as the second most expensive city for renting in the U.S., with a median renting price for a one-bedroom apartment at $3,100-- right behind San Francisco at $3,460. That wasn’t so surprising, as any New Yorker can tell you we all pay way too much for rent.


What was surprising, though, were the plunge in prices in apartments this year.

NYC’s West Village’s prices fell 5.2% to produce a $3,700 median rent price. This decline in West Village prices caused it to drop from NYC’s fifth most expensive neighborhood to its ninth.

Murray Hill also descended in median price, dropping 1.5% to $3,300, and trickled from NYC’s fifteenth most expensive neighborhood to its nineteenth.

This city's least expensive neighborhoods remained consistent with 2014-- and rank in at the Lower East Side as fourth least expensive, with a median of $2,450 to rent a one-bedroom.


West Harlem is third least expensive, with a median rent price of $2,180, and Central Harlem is second least expensive, with a flat $2,000 median.

The least expensive neighborhood in which to rent an apartment in NYC in 2015 is East Harlem, with a $1,950 median rent price.

So if you're ballin' on a budget, we recommend you check out some apartments in that 'hood.


[via Zumper]

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