Coming 2016: Anthony Bourdain's Food Market Set to Reinvigorate Hudson River's Pier 57

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Hey New Yorkers, we have some groundbreaking news for your taste buds.

According to Commercial Observer, food celebrity Anthony Bourdain and business partner Stephen Werther have finally chosen a location for their new food hall.

Their delicious new food hall will be dubbed Bourdain Market, and will imbue the long-abandoned, 560,000 square-foot Pier 57 with life again.

The food hall will be located on the corner of West 15th Street and the Hudson River, and according to Mr. Werther will include such delectables as “a farmers market with an oyster bar, bakery, tapas bar and much more.”

If you’re not excited enough already, there’s more.

Eater also reports the food hall will house 100 vendors, some as permanent fixtures and others rotating in for a few weeks at a time, and that there will be a rooftop beer garden as well.

So now, you’ll be able to slurp oysters, sip beer, chill with friends, and gaze out onto the Hudson River. Sounds pretty phenomenal to us.

The food hall is set to open in early 2016, and it won’t just contain prepared or packaged foods either. “We will work with the tourism boards to create a complete experience of the place,” Werther said.

So, you can expect this new food hall to soon be a New York City staple. And we can't hardly wait.

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