Here's a Real NYC Throwback: Black-and-White Vintage Film of the 1905 Subway

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For most New Yorkers (love it or hate it), the subway system is a regular part of their life. Did you know it's been around since October 27, 1904?

This rare, black-and-white footage inside the New York subway system was taken in 1905, approximately just seven months after its opening.

The subway video travels from 14th Street to 42nd Street along the IRT Line, which at the time ran between City Hall and 145th Street.

It’s not certain whether or not the 1905 subway was as jammed with delays as it is now but regardless, we New Yorkers still can’t live without it.

Check out this vintage black-and-white video of the NYC subway and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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