You're in the Right City: 7 Wonderful Ways You Can Take Your Mind Off a Really Bad Day

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New Yorkers all have bad days every now and again.

Maybe someone hacked into your debit card and stole all your money, maybe you got dumped, maybe you had a bad meeting where your boss called you out for something that wasn’t your fault. Or maybe it even was your fault.

Either way, bad days simply suck.

So what can you do to feel better? Luckily, we live in a city stocked with coping mechanisms for sadness. They are numerous, they are plentiful, and you’ll feel better in absolutely no time flat.

Here are 7 wonderful ways to take your mind off of a really bad day in New York City.

1. Bike through Central Park

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During this, the most glorious, majestic time of year, there really isn’t anything I can recommend more highly than this activity.

If you don’t own your own bike, rent a CitiBike.

Once you’re on a bike (and wearing a helmet, obviously) high tail it to Central Park, and ride through sprawling trees and flowers, breathing in the spring air while you zoom past buildings stretching toward the sky.

Really, nothing can make you feel better than rushing downhill in gorgeous, springtime Central Park with the wind whipping in your face. It's simply magical.

2. Take a yoga class

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Okay, okay, biking through Central Park was supposed to be the best way to make yourself feel better, but what's a little exaggeration?

Taking a yoga class has got to be as good, if not better, for taking your mind off that bad day.

If you want to know where to yoga, I absolutely recommend Yoga to the People (donation-based yoga), and if you want the best shot of running into me, then go to their Upper West Side or St. Mark's locations.

If you're worried that you're not good enough, or that other people will judge you, don't. The whole point about yoga is to feel without judgement, and the whole point of Yoga to the People is to welcome everyone, no matter whether you've ever done yoga before or not.

 3. Treat yourself to a nice meal

markettablenyc another delicious special tonight: linguine with shrimp & clams with marinara sauce #dinnernyc #nyc #westvillage

Because you deserve it!

And give it up with your reservations about going into a restaurant alone. It’s NYC. Everyone does it. Who doesn't enjoy going to restaurants alone, it’s freeing, empowering, and relieving (since you're never under pressure to make any conversation whatsoever).

It also contributes to my self-love. If I’m going to a restaurant alone, it’s definitely the restaurant I really wanted to go to, and definitely not some second-rate compromise.

Bring a book, sit by a window, and swim in some gorgeous language while you’re waiting for your favorite food. And when your food comes, give yourself permission to really enjoy it, instead of stressing about how much it costs.

Come on, just give yourself a break already. You know you deserve it.

4. Play with puppies

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Puppies have to be the happiest, cutest, most wonderful creatures on the face of the Earth.

And sure, we bred them that way through a complicated process of wolves and our ancestors’ symbiotic hunting, but the fact that they exist is simply amazing.

There are even plenty of pet stores in this city that will let you pet their puppies so you can take your mind off that bad day.

Really, there’s no way to be sad with a puppy wagging their tail and licking your face, is there?