Coming Summer 2015: The Battle of the Outdoor Movie Clubs Is Officially Going Down in NYC

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This summer, if you're going to catch a movie in Brooklyn, odds are it will be outside... because everything in New York City is better in the great outdoors when it's nice out, right?

In one corner, there's Rooftop Films. This season's tickets to the 19th annual outdoor event just went on sale this week here.

This year’s series will feature over 40 outdoor screenings in 19 amazing outdoor venues, with huge crowds, live music, special enhancements and the best in independent films from all around the world.

[via Rooftop Films]

They kick the season off on Friday, May 29th, at their main venue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Many of the lesser-known films that will be featured this summer already debuted at this year's major film festivals, with the May 29th opening night featuring the NYC premiere of David Sandberg’s Kung Fury, a homage to numerous action flicks from the '80s.

And in the other corner, there's Williamburg's 10th anniversary of SummerScreen.

All screenings will take place in McCarren Park (on the corner of Bedford and North 12th Street, right by the tennis courts).

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Doors open at 6 p.m., films will commence around sundown, and food trucks alongside live music will be on going down each night to keep you preoccupied until the opening credits roll.

Oh, and one more minor detail: it's all

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The lineup of films are pretty epic: Clueless, Dirty Dancing, Dazed and Confused, and Jurassic Park, just to name a few.

So... summer outdoor movie lovers of NYC, which will you attend: Rooftop Films, SummerScreen, or both?

[via Gothamist & TimeOut NY]

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