Livin' in a Foodie's Paradise: 9 Must-Do Food Festivals to Visit This Summer in NYC

6. Broadway Bites

thisgalseats Can't wait for #broadwaybites to be back!

This Greeley Square Park foodie paradise will be back starting on June 1st through July 26th, so clear your schedule and make room in your summer diet!

The Broadway Bites spring lineup is still a mystery, but we sure hope that Wafels and Dinges will make an appearance this time around. If they do, grab a liege waffle and slather that bad boy up in fudge and whipped cream, will ya?

Broadway Bites also features a fall event from early October to November, so if you're loving it, make sure to come by again in the fall.

7. Big Apple BBQ Block Party


Is it just us or is Madison Square Park increasingly becoming a major foodie hangout spot?

After Madison Square Eats finishes up on May 28th, the park will be at it again on the weekend of June 13th for the Big Apple BBQ Block Party.

Here, you can dine with the finest BBQ pitmasters from across the country, from right here at home in Red Hook all the way to Nashville and St. Louis (and every place in between)!

8. Taste of TriBeCa

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What's not to love about eating up for a good cause? Taste of TriBeCa's general admission tickets are $40 for the early bird special ($50 at the door), but the proceeds go to funding arts and enrichment programs at TriBeCa's very own P.S. 234 and 150.

This event will take place on May 16th from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., so it's definitely the ideal lunch plan to have in this wonderful spring weather.

The general admission pass comes with 6 taste tickets to use at any of the many restaurants in the Lower Manhattan area that will come out for the event... nice!

9. Ferragosto

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This Italian food festival up in the Bronx on Arthur Avenue's Little Italy comes a little later (September 13th this year) than the others on this list, but it's still technically early enough to be summer (we all know it'll probably still be like 80 degrees in this crazy town).

Anyway, we dare you not to try one of everything at Ferragosto. Italian favorites like fresh mozzarella and other cheeses and meats will be beckoning your name, as well as the savory smell of sausage and peppers that'll permeate through the air.

Make sure you save room for dessert with a big ol' bag of zeppoles (if you don't know, they're pillowy balls of fried pizza dough coated in powdered sugar). It's the best way to finish any day, trust us on that one.

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