New Yorkers Prove Their Love for Reading Old-Fashioned Books, Everywhere & Anywhere in NYC

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New Yorkers will do anything anywhere, so it’s not surprising that they’ll read anywhere too.

Some page-turners are hard to put down, and New Yorkers simply don’t!

I mean, why not make a haircut more exciting with a compelling book in your lap?

Photographer Lawrence Schwartzwald (an avid reader, New York City explorer, and people-watcher) recently captured New Yorkers engrossed in their paperback or hardcover novels-- in all sorts of locations and situations.

[via Lawrence Schwartzwald]

All of his photos are candid except for the ones he takes of celebrities, which are plentiful. His project, On Reading, was inspired by his own love of reading and he hopes to see the work published as a book.

Check out these photographs below to see where New Yorkers plop open their novels... and let’s just hope the man reading while pushing a stroller doesn’t bump into anything.

[via Lawrence Schwartzwald]

[via Lawrence Schwartzwald]

[via Lawrence Schwartzwald]

[via Lawrence Schwartzwald]

[via Lawrence Schwartzwald]

[via Lawrence Schwartzwald]

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[via Lawrence Schwartzwald

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[via Lawrence Schwartzwald]

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