Coming Soon: Restaurant-Style Letter Grades for Every Mobile Food Cart & Truck in NYC?!

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Many New Yorkers' wishes could soon be granted if a potential new law gaining momentum is passed, which would require every mobile food truck and cart in New York City to display a restaurant-style letter grade for all passer-byes to see.

This bill, co-sponsored by Senator Jose Peralta of Queens and Assemblyman Marcos Crespo from the Bronx, is designed to directly address many of today's problems, including:

The zoning issues that currently exist between brick-and-mortar stores and food carts; secondly, the growing black market mobile food truck/carts popping up across the city; and last but not least, the decisions health-conscious New Yorkers must make on where to eat amongst New York City's booming (and sometimes unsanitary) food truck business.

“We want to make sure every street vendor, like every restaurant, has a letter grade,” Peralta said. “It’s in the best interests of the consumers and of the vendors to ensure they are not selling products that make people sick.”

What's your opinion on this potential new law, New Yorkers?

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