Can't Spend a Fortune on Mom's Day? Show Your Love With These 5 Quality Eateries in NYC

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Those of us with foodie moms know that they’re hard to please, especially given the diversity of New York City eateries, on Mother's Day.

But not to worry, New Yorkers, as we have come up with 5 delicious (yet still affordable) eateries in NYC that'll cover the most finicky motherly tastes-- in terms of both food and atmosphere.

And yes, we’ve even got you covered if you’re on a mac ‘n cheese and Fluffernutter sandwich budget... now be sure to enjoy your Mother's Day this Sunday with your loved ones, will ya?

1. Puff Cha (457 West 50th Street)

1puffcha, jenb
[via Jen B./Foursquare]

Ok, so this place is about as wide as your studio apartment, and only about two or three times as long.

Still, it’s got possibly the most authentic Thai curry puffs in Manhattan-- and they'll only set you back $3 each. Also, fantastic bowls of meat over ramen run $12 or $13, and they’re quite difficult to finish because of their size.

For $5, you have your choice of elegant desserts including a green tea éclair overflowing with custard, or one of dozens of types of bubble teas.

Service is lightning-fast, so you'll look like a hero to your Mom-- for a grand total of about ohhh... $40! #winning

2. Juniper Bar NYC (237 West 35th Street)

3Juniper Bar NYC
[via Juniper Bar NYC]

This Midtown West eatery looks like the world’s most elegant hangout.

There is a ton of unmatched repurposed wood panels on the wall, paired with space-age chandeliers and elegant push-button banquets.

We are sending you here because it'll give you a chance to show Mom one of The Big Scrapple’s very best grilled cheese sandwiches. (Trust us, it is most definitely not what she used to prep for you on cold, winter days when you were little.)

That monster of a sandwich is a meal for two people, so it’s well worth the $14. Served on sourdough bread, it features Camembert, avocado, and mango chutney on grilled homemade sourdough bread.

A close second is the seam-splitting lobster mac and cheese featuring Maine lobster, Havarti, white Cheddar, and mascarpone. Oh, and if you’re a tightwad, take Mom to their super-cheap happy hour, every night from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

3. Café El Presidente (30 West 24th Street)

4Café El Presidente_mikechau_foodspott
[via Mike Chau/]

This extra-large, vintage Mexican restaurant/cafe looks like something you’d pull into on the side of the road in Baja, California.

There’s a cute, tortilla making couple at a station in the back, and tacos/quesadillas are served for breakfast here as well. They source local meat and produce (generally from upstate New York and Pennsylvania), and everything seems to come out in just six minutes or less.

You won’t believe it, but the Tacos Al Pastor classic (full of juicy pulled pork marinated in chipotle and achote) will set you back a total of $1.95.

They also have freshly-pressed juices including Naranja, which is a mix of papaya, carrots, pineapples, and oranges, for $4.95 (portion is about 12 ounces).

Quesadillas are about $3.95 and the most popular is the knockout Quesadilla Maiz Azul, made of blue corn, full of yellow-charred corn, and super-melty Chihuahua cheese for just 5.95.

Killer Mexican coffees abound as well, as you’ll be watching late-night TV for five days running after just one cup of their double macchiato (made with special custom coffee beans roasted in Veracruz, Mexico).