Eating Al Fresco: 9 Blissful Spots to Enjoy Outdoor Dining in NYC

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Ahh, the great outdoors. Aren't they that much more blissful now that the weather is warm?

Sidewalk seating and outdoor gardens are so underrated.

Don't you love to dine feeling like you're sitting down at a lovely little Parisian sidewalk gem alongside the Seine?

Well, New York can definitely give you that experience.

Whether you're coming out of your hungover morning shell for brunch or you just want to enjoy an intimate outdoor dining experience, these 9 spots for eating al fresco will keep you charmed and coming back for more, each and every time.

1. La Birreria at Eataly (200 5th Avenue)

eatalyusa It's a beautiful sunny day in #NYC today. To make it more enjoyable, our #rooftop restaurant and brewery, Birreria has its roof open today! Stop by, enjoy the sun and have a #pint of #beer! Don't forget to join us at 4pm for Peroni #HappyHour! #DrinkBetterLiveBetter

Who says that rooftops only have to be for drinking? At Eataly's rooftop beer garden La Birreria, you can eat, drink, and be merry Italian style.

Very merry at that because you can chow down on fine Italian specialities, like a plate full of rockin' meats and cheeses like prosciutto, spicy sopressata, and fresh asiago cheese.

Spectacular views of Madison Square Park and the Flatiron Building will complete your meal for sure.

2. Isabella's (359 Columbus Avenue)


Do you know what would make that Saturday or Sunday brunch of yours that much better? Why, if you could eat it outside of course!

Isabella's offers you fresh, unique Mediterranean cuisine and a lovely sidewalk cafe where you can graze with your posse.

After all, you're going to need to soak up that springtime sunshine while you soak up last night's boozy aftermath with your eggs and toast, am I right?

3. Extra Virgin (259 West 4th Street)

[via Melinda Lee/]
[via Melinda Lee/]

Another day, another brunch spot, right? Extra Virgin features French and Italian fare in a glamorous sidewalk bistro setting down in the heart of the West Village.

Not charmed yet? You will be when you roll up squad deep, Ray-Bans on as you dig in on breakfast favorites like their signature brioche French toast.

And when you can get elegant food averaging around $15 a meal, how can you go wrong with that? Springtime brunch just rocks.

4. Il Bambino (34-08 31st Ave - Queens)


One part Italian paninoteca and one part Spanish tapas bar results in sheer culinary awesomeness. This charming Astoria cafe has it all plus quaint outdoor garden seating where you can enjoy your food.

If you're looking to literally WINE and dine, then they've got a really great and reasonably priced wine list too, but most importantly, Il Bambino will get you pumped about paninis.

With fillers like Italian meatloaf, goat cheese, prosciutto, pesto and more, these paninis achieve the perfect grill marking and melty goodness without ever being too greasy.

These are truly more than just sandwiches.

5. Anella (222 Franklin Street - Brooklyn)

[via Nadia Z/]
, and there are plenty of Italian pasta dishes to help you get your carb on, too.

[via Nadia Z/]

This gorgeous Greenpoint eatery emphasizes modern takes on classic dishes and a backyard seating space that borders on magical with its all-around good feeling.

The bread is freshly baked in a flower part, which completely adds to the charm of this quaint spot.

With seasonal, artisanal cuisine expected, Anella is constantly changing its menu and introducing eye-opening new dishes all the time.

There are French favorites like mouth-watering moules frites or steak frites