I Wish a Mayor Would! 5 Subway Lines That Don't Exist in NYC-- But Really Should

Ahh, the good ol' New York City subway system: can't live with it, can't live without it.

In response to Mayor Bill de Blasio's upped transportation plan (OneNYC) for the New York City subway system, Citylab has compiled a short list of subway lines we'd absolutely love to see in New York City.

These transit maps are pretty much every New York commuter's dream come true.

Check out these absolute dreamy subway lines (illustrated by Andrew Lynch) and let us know in the comments below what your ideal subway line is that doesn't yet exist in NYC.

Utica Line (Brooklyn)

[via Andrew Lynch]

A proposed subway line on Utica Avenue (above, in green) could connect with 4 train service.


Triboro RX (Bronx - Queens - Brooklyn)

[via Andrew Lynch]

The rangy X line (above, in black) would connect three boroughs. We know, just dreamy!

10th Avenue (Manhattan)

[via Andrew Lynch]

A 10th Avenue line (above, in grey, as part of the L) could conceivably cross town twice.

2nd Avenue Extension (Manhattan)

[via MTA]

A rendering of the 72nd Street Station platform.


Queens Superexpress (Queens)

[via Andrew Lynch]

The name says it all: get through Queens, super quick.

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[via City Lab]

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