Don't Break the Bank! 8 Intimate Places to Wine and Dine Your Next Big Date in NYC

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So you've actually got a big date coming up and you're totally excited because this rarely happens to you.

This is your time to shine, to make your mark on a new person, and maybe kindle that flame into something more than a one-and-done first date.

The only thing is New York City is super expensive and you want to impress that date without making a permanent dent in your checking account.

In other words, you want to show them a good time (on a budget)-- but without taking them to McDonald's (obviously, right?).

There are a lot of ways to save money on a date, and luckily for you, this city is chock full of intimate spaces with reasonably priced dishes. Even more luckily for you, we've done the groundwork and found 8 of those very places-- yes, amazing, we know.

(You can thank us later-- after that date of yours goes really well. *wink wink*)

1. The Meatball Shop (various NYC locations)

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The Meatball Shop is awesome for dates because the atmosphere is cute, but still super casual and the food is great.

Plus, there's so much variety in the food as well, from the meatballs themselves to the sauces they come in to the slew of sides you can elect to add to your dish.

You crazy kids in love will take great pleasure ordering your meatballs and then mixing and matching them once they come to the table.

2. Bianca (5 Bleecker Street)

[via Sarah Gosnell/]
[via Sarah Gosnell/]

Don't miss this charming, cash-only Italian eatery. Bianca is quaint and small, yet something about it breeds a romantic air as you enjoy hearty Italian dishes (like a lovely plate of hot, cheesy lasagna).

Plus, most entrees are under $20, but from the tastes of it, you'd never guess it.

And your date never would either... score!

3. Amelie (22 West 8th Street)

[via Howie L/]
[via Howie L/]

With delightful French cuisine and a lengthy selection of wines without the lofty prices, the romantic feels of Paris will simply enrapture you and your date when you visit Amelie.

The best time to come is happy hour, when a flight of three wines is $12 each and you can share some small plates of French appetizers: chicken liver mousse, a goat cheese ball and more with crusty French bread, or a selection of crostini.

You'll be able to say you and your date dined like royals-- without spending like one.

4. Cafe Katja (79 Orchard Street)

[via Scandentia/]
's intimate, dim-lit space is a date night to-do for the most adventurous eaters.

You can share the sausage sampler (two for $18) and enjoy a fabulous array of German beers in this cozy, romantic setting. Be certain: your taste buds will splurge, but you sure won't.

[via Scandentia/]

If your date is a meat lover, wants to try something new, or loves German and Austrian food, then you should take him or her to Cafe Katja.

Located in the heart of the LES, Cafe Katja