Would You Hop On This Uber-Style Helicopter That'll Get You to JFK Airport in Just 6 Minutes?

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Want to avoid that annoyingly long, high-traffic cab ride from your apartment to airports in New York City?  Look no further than Gotham Air.

Gotham Air, or shall we call it "Uber for the Skies," is a helicopter service that transports passengers between Manhattan and two local airports in just 6 minutes flat. (And yes, there's an app as well.)

How do they do it? According to CEO Tim Hayes, they use mobile technology to bring travelers together via crowd-sourcing techniques, which help to keep their prices down.

The service leaves every hour from Manhattan to Newark and JFK Airport. Those aforementioned prices are considered relatively cheap, ranging from approximately $99-$219, which is significantly less expensive than a private charter flight that could cost well over $2,000.

Check out the video below from CNNMoney to experience exactly what it feels like to fly like a rockstar.

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[Featured Image Courtesy: Gotham Air]