Your Essential Guide to FreshDirect: 13 Must-Haves for Super Busy New Yorkers

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In this digital age, New Yorkers rely on the Internet for ordering just about anything imaginable.

From clothes to books to movies and televisions to deliveries from our favorite restaurants, we (yes, this smartphone-addicted generation of ours) have literally everything right at our fingertips. (And no, we're not complaining about that!)

Well, you can also add groceries to that list. That's right. Fresh groceries.

You see, gone are the days of food deliveries simply consisting of Chinese takeouts (but by all means, keep those coming, because we all know they are damn delicious).

With FreshDirect, we can have your groceries delivered right to our door for a very reasonable price. (Um, have we mentioned how convenient this is?)

So if you're super busy-- which, face it, all New Yorkers are-- and can't find the time to hit up the nearest corner store, then FreshDirect can help.

But we all know a virtual grocery store can be a bit daunting at times, so you'll definitely need to keep this handy: the essential New York City guide to FreshDirect, which has 13 must-haves for super busy New Yorkers like yourself.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

freshdirect Season's best for the picking at our #SourcedbyFD event tonight. #fresh #fruit #veggies

Ahhh, cool, refreshing fruits and vegetables. Wasn't your mom just hounding you a few weeks ago about eating more veggies while you're living on your own?

Good produce can sometimes be hard to find, and you definitely don't have the time to be combing through Trader Joe's produce bins in search of the best picks of the store's crop.

Stock up on fruits and vegetables from FreshDirect, and all your problems will be solved. How?

You'll have good snacks consistently on hand, and you'll always have the freshest, healthiest ingredients to use in your home cooking. Score!

Olio Novello

jenmen100 #Nofilter needed on this bottle! So unbelievably excited to have gotten my hands on a bottle (or 2) #olionovello #firstoftheseason #oliveoil #olives #italy #sourcedbyfd #freshdirect @freshdirect

This FreshDirect exclusive is pressed from a harvest of new olives (olio novello = new olives!) directly from Sicily, so it's creamy and fresh; bottom line, a spectacular addition to your dishes as a dressing, dip, or accessory to sauteed or roasted vegetables.

You can also watch an incredible YouTube video on how this amazing olive oil is sourced directly from Italy right here.


freshdirect Happy #NationalNachosDay! Tell us what your favorite toppings are for this delectable dish! #instafood #foodporn #nomnom

Guacamole is such a perfect snack or addition to your meals.

You can use it as a dip with pretzels, pita chips, crackers, or vegetables, or you could use it as a spread on a sandwich.

Obviously, variety is the spice of life, and guacamole promises to give you that because you can pair it with other foods.

Small Farmer's Eggs

freshdirect Happy #Easter! We're celebrating with dyed eggs, a big ol' ham, and lots of candy.

These eggs are a FreshDirect exclusive, locally sourced from a farm in Pennsylvania.

They're so awesome that The New York Times and Slate have done features on them. It's probably because they're organic and laid by young, healthy chickens.

Doesn't it feel really good knowing that your food comes from a well-intentioned place?

Lumi Juices

freshdirect @lumijuices made the @selfmagazine round-up of gym bag essentials, and it's exclusively available at #FreshDirect! #FDTrySomethingNew

Juices are one of the biggest and best New York health trends, but honestly, who has the time or the money to be waiting on lines for fresh, organic, and overpriced ones?

Why not have Lumi Juices on hand in your refrigerator so that you can enjoy your favorite combinations of juices and fruits, any time you want?

Fresh cheeses

freshdirect In honor of #NationalPicnicDay we’re giving away a HUGE box full of picnic essentials worth almost $200! You’ll be dining al fresco on lemonade, watermelon, cookies, cheese, and of course, all the fixings for a perfect sandwich. In the comments, tag a friend you’d like to share this epic spread with for a chance to win. (Link to official rules in profile.)

FreshDirect's cheese shop is extensive and exclusive, as it boasts the best of both worlds in local and imported cheeses.

If you're looking to get the local taste with your cheese, check out Salvatore Brooklyn's whole milk ricotta cheese. Brewed in a small batch from BK, this cheese is rich, dense, and has an oh-so-subtle hint of heaven packed right inside.

KIND Snack Bars

freshdirect We want to send a little ❤️ your way. Tag a friend for the chance to win two cases of the new @kindsnacks Healthy Grains and a box of our best spring produce. Link to official rules in profile. #freshandkind

Let's face it: we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but not many New Yorkers make the time for it.

And that's where these healthy snack bars come into play. And they're perfect for breakfast or simply just a snack-- trust me from experience on that one!