Springtime in NYC: Expectations Vs. the Ugly Reality

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Springtime in New York City tends to get put on a pedestal, and it honestly doesn’t deserve to be.

We have high hopes for the dawn of a new season for the entire month of March… we dream of picnics in the park, the sun beating down on our skin, and dressing in fashionable spring clothes.

However, when it comes around... we’re practically bed-ridden with allergies and STILL freezing.

Springtime certainly means well and tries to bring some sunlight, but we tend to go into it with some expectations that it fails to meet.

Weather expectations


After a long, brutal winter, you think, YAY! April’s here, so it’s finally going to be warm again!

No more wearing that down jacket that makes you look 10 pounds bigger than you actually are. No more shivering, frostbite, or cursing Mother Nature. It will be a gorgeous 60 degrees everyday...


The ugly reality


It’s 20 degrees out plus wind-chill, and the wind is making your eyes tear. You’re still wearing that down jacket, shivering, and you can’t feel your fingers.

The forecast even calls for snow. Why doesn’t this city know it’s spring?

Outdoor expectations


There will be gorgeous, colorful flowers in full bloom.

There will be green grass, chirping birds, and trees with actual leaves on them...

The ugly reality


It’s raining, snowing, or just too darn cold for flowers to actually survive.

The birds are still chillin' south because they know better than to fly up for springtime in NYC.

Fashion expectations


Sundresses! Sandals! Capris! Denim jackets! There are my sunglasses! So many less layers...

The ugly reality


That same darn down jacket. Rainboots. Sweaters. Many layers. Sunglasses not necessary.

Social life expectations


Now that it’s spring, you’ll go out all the time.

You’ll finally make time to visit your friends who live more than 10 minutes from a subway station, and you'll bar hop until dawn. After hours even seem like a possibility at this point...

The ugly reality


It’s not even 50 degrees, so you and your friends decide to stay in and watch Netflix.

Just like you have been every Friday night since December.

Working out expectations


The only reason you didn’t work out in the winter is because it was too cold to walk 5 blocks to the gym.

Now, you can finally start going to the gym in order to get ready for bikini season, and it’ll also be nice enough to run outside...

The ugly reality


Running outside makes your allergies flare up and 5 blocks to the gym still feels like miles when it’s 40 degrees outside.

On second thought, why not just wait til May to start your exercise regimen?

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